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Women’s spirituality group

WOMEN’S GROUPS OPENINGS NOW AVAILABLE Join a monthly ongoing women’s spirituality group for self-healing and personal transformation. Three small groups that have been meeting monthly for years now have openings. You’ll experience a powerful opportunity to meet with a loving and supportive small group of “like-minded fellow travelers” and share in deepening spiritual connectedness, enhancing …

Remote Zoom Workshop June 15

Whether you have experienced multiple meditative and journaling practices or none, you will in this workshop, significantly and newly discover more multiple dimensions of self-healing, greater insight and coping in this time of transformation as your time of transformation and creative resolution

Uplifting yourself while you wait out Corona Virus

Another guided meditation audio While I cannot currently see clients individually and/or face-to-face, please consider listening to any and all guided meditation audios here and on my Facebook page at, please let me know what you think. You may stream or right click and hit Save As to save locally to your device. One …