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Understanding and Experiencing Love Through Loss for Core Trauma Healing and Greater Wholeness

by Marjorie Baker Price, Centering Tools, copyright 2024

We have been centrally, dysfunctionally conditioned to run from any sensations involving experiencing grief in terror and ignorance.  

We are therefore condemned to default, in response, into denying all related multidimensional sensations of pain.

All we succeed in doing is separating ourselves from:

  • the real power and gifts of fully revealed, transformational meaning in our richly lived lives
  • our soul’s creative healing processes
  • our innate growth and wisdom

Most importantly, we cruelly default into refusing to accept what’s real – the last stage of grief where we experience higher resolution, forgiveness and freedom to embrace fully all that life miraculously, endlessly offers as rebirth beyond death. 

We come through acceptance to serendipitously, multidimensionally forgive in so much more greatly understanding, as we experience, the immense and unleashed healing power of grief to strengthen, uplift and allow us to come to better terms with ourselves and the karmic stories of our lives.

Our soul record renews and centrally rebirths us to well and consciously partner paradoxically to create our lives anew, honoring all our loving relationships and the immense learning we’re meant to experience through heroically surrendering to the amazing odyssey of progressively journeying through the stages of grief, recognizing these as pathways of compassion and honor.