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Journaling through all the faces of grief (Zoom-only)

Date, time: June 24, 2024 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Journaling is a powerful, multi-modal engagement tool. The research is compelling, too.

The effects of two journaling interventions, one focusing on emotional expression and the other on both cognitive processing and emotional expression, were compared during 1 month of journaling about a stressful or traumatic event. One hundred twenty-two students were randomly assigned to one of three writing conditions: (a) focusing on emotions related to a trauma or stressor, (b) focusing on cognitions and emotions related to a trauma or stressor, or (c) writing factually about media events. Writers focusing on cognitions and emotions developed greater awareness of the positive benefits of the stressful event than the other two groups. This effect was apparently mediated by greater cognitive processing during writing. Writers focusing on emotions alone reported more severe illness symptoms during the study than those in other conditions. This effect appeared to be mediated by a greater focus on negative emotional expression during writing.

Ullrich, P.M., Lutgendorf, S.K. Journaling about stressful events: Effects of cognitive processing and emotional expression. ann. behav. med. 24, 244–250 (2002).

I am thrilled to be offering another virtual workshop on June 24 – here are the details and please let me k now ASAP if you can join or are interested in learning more about journaling and grief.

Journaling offers us both an ability to acknowledge feelings, such as grief and despair, and move along a path to making some peace and/or acceptance.

The art of handwriting a personal, emotive, and acute emotional status is clinically useful as it also physically engages us, allowing our mental lives to metaphorically be ‘acted out’ within the act of putting pen to paper.

Here’s the full workshop description and registration information

All life unfolds as rising and falling waves, like our breath – spirit – one source connection – as love and loss. To refuse, in succumbing to longstanding dysfunction which remains so pervasive in our world – to accept and come to understand this, denies what is real – even the essential rhythm of all life. The stages of grief as a whole other, higher level of learning, awakening and spiritual development

Moving through these stages to keenly align with your newly corresponding and transforming heart and consciousness.

Yourself as an ever-expanding, multidimensional expression of the greater whole – to more freely become and further create the greater good
Join me in this unique and immense exploration into the nature and key effects of all experienced loss. You will uncover a whole other level of compassion and its transformational keys to awaken love, accept greater realities and profoundly nurture and evolve us. $45 includes channeled guided meditation.
Through the journaling practices we hone together, you’ll be guided through the stages of grief and how to move between and within each particular stage.

Will you be attending?