Do You Really Know What Your Core Conflict Is?

As we can face and support all dimensions and places of ourselves, so are we meant to accept and affirm all our greater good for truly “win-win”as the only real re-solutions.

You Can Discover Your Greater Self Through Uncovering Your Stuck Center

In the many years I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with clients, and support and facilitate their chosen paths for transformation, again and again the central part of their always amazing odysseys involves uncovering their core conflicts.  I see this as such a key piece today, not only for individuals but for the world at large.

We are challenged and always able to truly discover our greater selves through uncovering this usually well-disguised and stuck center.  Here are my top five tips for you to meditate on and journal about – not once, but as many times as you need to “dive in” to your core until you come to wherever your sense of intuitive resolution is as your fastest, safest road to unearth whatever is keeping you from your greater good:

Five Key Ways to Uncover Core Conflict . . .

1.  Ask yourself what you’re most afraid of and record whatever responses seem to intuitively come up from your heart and your gut without any additional explanation attached.

2.  Reflect in a deeper meditative space on whatever you sense keeps you in one or more separate, seemingly compartmentalized spaces now, and record your experience.

3.  Assess on a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being least and 10 being most – how abandoned you feel in what seems to be the deepest place inside you; and in the same manner, how intruded upon you feel.

4.  Make as complete a list as you can of all the “good” and “bad” aspects of your life.

5.  Complete the following sentence in as many ways that seem true to you as honestly as possible without additional explanation:  If only . . . then I would/could . . . 

. . . And Five Corresponding Paths to Healing, Development and Resolution

Now it’s time to use this multidimensional crescendo of peaking and revealed core conflict to freely move into its real resulting path of resolution, healing and development through these corresponding five tips:

1.  Settle back and take several deep, cleansing breaths; and then say to yourself as you inhale, LET BE; and as you exhale, LET GO; until you experience and imagine being completely moved beyond whatever your core conflict is.

2.  This is the space of both being and becoming that I call the sacred observer, where your spirit naturally and fully emerges; and your intuition clearly and lovingly speaks to you.

3.  In this observer space, read through all you have written through the exercises above, and record whatever insights then occur.

4.  Consider these insights as the order of steps to access your present path of self-healing, development and true resolution through your courage and willingness to face and, through facing, have the real capacity to more greatly identify and understand your core conflict; allowing that conflict in turn to draw you through it; and then be able to complete its real directive, which is your soul’s chosen lesson for your determined growth and greater completion.

5.  Ask your unleashed loving and infinite spirit to guide you to wherever it knows the real resolution exists, to complete this challenge and erase the core conflict; and affirm to your spirit your unconditional commitment to walk that path to its end.

Your Revealed Plan of Action

Thank and honor yourself for your transformational work that in turn best supports the better world the universe so keenly supports in these greatly changing and pivotal times for all our peace and freedom.  As we can face and support all dimensions and places of ourselves, so are we meant to accept and affirm all our greater good for truly “win-win”as the only real re-solutions.

Namaste, Marjorie