My motivation and calling are rooted in self-care and self-healing, and I am my own best customer. Read more about my philosophy below:

My calling: facilitate self-care and self-healing

It has been a calling and an immense privilege for me to be able to work, over so many decades, with thousands of amazing and courageous clients – way beyond theirs and my initial views and expectations – which I believe is a great honor and wonderfully exciting! It’s always so interesting to me to see.who finds their way to my door – for many reasons and one reason – wanting to experience real resolution to such common life challenges that we all face, both therapeutically, developmentally – and perhaps at what can even seem to be sensed at a soul level: feeling lost, trapped, overwhelmed, worthless, scared, hopeless, invaded, out-of-step, not understood, dependent, victimized, dissatisfied, disabled, powerless, threatened …

I have said throughout the years of my Centering Tools practice that I am my own best customer – and that I wouldn’t dare create and facilitate self-healing and empowerment practices with clients in such intimate, fragile, amazing and uplifting ways without practicing and developing centering tools myself – always in response to my own pivotal life challenges involving tragic multiple losses, compromised health, significant conflicts and complicated crises.

We all yearn for fundamental wellbeing and love, and a life that works for us – and freedom. I feel that we are truly so immensely, within our vast real potential – multidimenionally creative and capable of transcendence that we can accomplish what truly seems impossible. I feel, through additionally gaining inside information about core integrative healing practices that jump start – as they create – new openings to be able to achieve expanded results, we are then able to, in ways that work for us, greatly move forward and live our lives from a place of greater wholeness and resolution.

I took a meandering road into this calling through first becoming an actress – then into nursing, continuing as a pianist and shaman healer and channeler – all of which laid this broad foundation and brought great growth and originality.

I am very curious – and believe in the immense power of exploring questions that organically flow, keenly uncovering blazing insights through storytelling and sharing and deeper diving, as clients decide. I look forward to exploring, clarifying and honoring your life challenges, purpose, hopes and dreams, believing we serendipitously help each other and collectively rediscover, through awakening and establishing self-care, new ways that serve everyone and create win-win solutions that further evolve us all.