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Can You Change the Story of Your Life to Make It Better?

You Can Change Your Story After You Discover It How many stories have you lived in your life?  I do so much key therapeutic work in my practice focusing on establishing with clients what presents as the real meaning to uncovering identity, history, and real choice as the elements to self-healing and development around telling […]

How Does Self-Healing Really Work?

It Connects and Aligns at Higher Levels Your Body, Mind and Spirit It effectively targets what I call the “critical mass” of dis-ease and effects shifting it into an “equal and greater” critical mass of recovery, higher stabilization, and wellness.  New “critical elements” are created through this transformational shift that produce these results, involving, at […]

How to Find (and Keep!) Your Great Light

A “little light” is realistically as good as it gets to add to our power to make our way in the world – and so it must be enough. I offer as my end of this year gift to you five key ways to transform in your greater – “lighter”, as it were, self . . . And Beyond, Rise to Your Challenge to Trust . . .

Self help exercise: acknowledge what you’re grateful for during times of loss

What truly satisfies our souls? When we are able to arrive at a fundamental place of unconditionally acknowledging what we are truly grateful for – past, present, and future (all really one source connection!) – we gracefully let go and let be . . . and come to an inner place of rest and opening to become.

What Really Keeps Us And Stops Us Transforming . . . Truths and Tips

The “center” of transformation is surrendering to a vision that can’t be ignored with a willingness to transcend anything to reach toward that vision from a place beyond knowing. This involves trusting what you intuitively sense but have not experienced.

How to Get Past Your Fears and Forgive . . . Yourself (and from there, others)

Hate always stems from a root of fear; and forgiveness always comes from a root of loving. Love occurs when we heal and develop to a place of transcendence beyond the implanted fear of incompletely processed trauma – and forgiveness truly reflects coming to wherever your real place of completion and final understanding is in this central healing process.

What Is The Real Self-Healing And Empowerment Opportunity of Thanksgiving?

I invite you to give love away equally (everything only exists in a real state of balance) to your own power to understand and receive it, as your greatest gift to your own betterment and the only real translation of what you truly can “give away” – because you own love now through your greater and deeper understanding of what it truly is – to a desperately needy, unloved, broken world as your offering of healing and power.

In great blessings and through all loving connections – enjoy Thanks-giving . . .