How Does Self-Healing Really Work?

It Connects and Aligns at Higher Levels Your Body, Mind and Spirit Body-mind-spirit1

It effectively targets what I call the “critical mass” of dis-ease and effects shifting it into an “equal and greater” critical mass of recovery, higher stabilization, and wellness.  New “critical elements” are created through this transformational shift that produce these results, involving, at a core level:

Understanding the mind-body connection through directly related emotional expression and processIn a recent ongoing women’s self-healing and spirituality group I’ve facilitated in various formats since I began my practice in 1987, I invited everyone to journey into their emotional core to explore how self-healing works.

Explore these Four Progressive Steps to Self-Heal

I reflected back to them, after hearing them share their profound inner journeys and insights, the following themes that emerged for me to be the steps for self-healing:

1.  Physical challenges offer a whole other realm of exploration, unconditional love and opportunity to enter the greater space of “no-thing” to enforce connecting to one’s spirit.

2.  The “guts” are pulled out, then fully exposed to more greatly reveal “hearts and butterflies” as key images of love and transformation that discover light visions for greater resultant and higher balance.

3.  Whether one “stays put” or “moves”, your emerging and freed Greater Self now creates energetic “tracks” that can effectively meet all challenges to transcend dis-ease through forming key links into what has been otherwise unexplored, as now-realized multidimensional blessings in an endless present beyond blame with no loss.

4.  All these completed steps build strength and character which produces key empowerment and development throughout body, mind and spirit for healing, completion, resolution, and correspondingly changing core patterns of energy.

How You Can Develop

I invite you to take your own inner journeys into each of these four steps, and then journal and draw your impressions under the title, My Self-Healing.  I further invite you to share your experience to further support your own and others’ self-healing journeys by commenting at the end of this article.

In love and light, Marjorie

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  1. The mind-body connection is so important to ensuring positivity in one’s life. Self-healing is such a great tool, and other forms of holistic therapy are too, which you can read about on my Facebook page:

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