What is Centering?

This article, from a piece I wrote in the spring-summer of 2001, focuses on the meaning of “to be centered” in virtue of my unique therapeutic methods.

The Focal Point of Centering

Centering is an intentionally vague, nonphysical term that has been a popular way to describe an effect of feeling and being balanced, integrated and focused from an inner place of knowing, understanding, being.

Centering as the name of my practice is about finding and keeping and using this center as a transformational point of self-healing, direction, development and creation in any and all aspects of your life.

Again and again the willing inner traveler who quests with the unquenchable thirst of his or her leading soul discovers (and this must be discovered, not assumed, in order for all the results to occur) that the center is one’s own flaming spirit.

And so centering becomes a transcendent, miraculous journey of self-discovery and achievement that successfully bridges the physical/material planes. It demonstrates through many evolutionary shifts that we are the pivotal bridge between worlds. We are our own best offering to ourselves and others, our own beautifully crafted, multidimensional receiving/creating/developing mystery.

What are the ramifications of these explorations? How does any or all of this self-healing and development happen?

Through an inner-inspired willingness to seek, open and look at any and all aspects of the self and the panorama of experience beyond time zones. In other words, all of our experience is available to be looked at in a multidimensional way through developing our power to observe, and fully, actively, courageously be present to each exquisitely unfolding moment in our lives, wholeheartedly receiving it and letting it carry us where it will.

Through this larger reflective process we as seekers find that the results, the unfolding experience, perfectly synchronize with our choices and all that creates and supports them. The deeper understanding these explorations and considerations produce easily invite us to shift. We then consciously identify our beliefs and conditioning, and so we develop.

Tools for Self-Healing:  Methods and Tools  of Centering

My tools of the trade include:

  • relaxation — to allow the inherent power of the breath to move one’s consciousness to be more fully aware of one’s spirit; and remove all energetic blockages to this awareness, easily re-balancing and reintegrating throughout one’s being.
  • visualization — (which for me is interchangeable with imagery) guided and active, and all meditative processes.
  • hypnosis — all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which is strictly tied to one’s deepest level of willingness.
  • journaling — to unleash and demonstrate our inherent power to create, as well as express a powerful clearing and releasing process that leaves an undeniable record.
  • telepathic and hands-on energy work, including therapeutic touch, Reiki and intuitive healing.

We yearn and need to partner up in our journeys, for the journey of the soul is a partnership between the physical and spiritual planes. I think at deepest levels we seek completion. We know mysteriously when it occurs, and then are free to continue on our path of primary evolution.

So how does all this translate out? Who comes seeking me? Many people whom I have the honor to work with don’t say. I’m here to be centered, help me find my center.

Goals and Motives from those I have helped:

Instead they come asking for help to achieve a goal, to get rid of what they think prevents them from getting where they want to go, or having what they want to have. So many goals and needs somehow are met, and much more, through these pathways, using these tools… everything from:

  • stopping smoking
  • losing weight
  • getting out of a painful, un-evolving relationship
  • being a better parent
  • finding a job/career that satisfies and keeps me
  • healing old trauma both present and past life
  • moving through grief for healing and resolution
  • developing your intuition
  • breaking addictions-from drugs to emotional addictions
  • achieving and clarifying personal and professional goals
  • improving focusing and deepening perception
  • initiating and accelerating extensive healing processes for life-threatening illness, including cancer and heart disease
  • improving coping mechanisms
  • releasing the stress response
  • unleashing creative potential
  • improving performance: from athletics to the work place

Centering is my life work it is my life and, in my view, all our lives through its rich and integrated dimensions. Somehow they all gloriously fit in the many environments in which we travel, both seen and unseen. These evolutionary adventures identify what doesn’t fit, what perhaps has never really existed.

Take note of what happens to you today. Listen to yourself, your many emotional, mental, physical reactions. Observe your choices with compassion. Ask, what feels like the most courageous, loving choice I could make in this situation, this day? And dream for a few suspended moments. Record briefly your impressions.

And then give yourself permission to play it’s called active down time, folks. Remember? It’s not a sin. It’s a re-balancer. Play. Play at your life. Play your feelings, your thoughts as if you were Isaac Stern playing the violin, Jesse Owens running track, as a master, with all the ease and focus and power in your worlds  feeling the mysterious partnership between all the elements beautifully unfolding, drawing you in at its mysterious center.

Breathe. Think of something, anything that you can let go of. Choose to forgive as an act of completion, recognition, honoring yourself as a spark of the divine presence; any aspect of yourself and your life and then track that path of forgiveness for a few moments and see who else, where else, it miraculously impacts.

Then take a few notes.

How does your  beauty path connect with your graduation?

And by the way, will you get back to me about what native Americans call your beauty path, as your unfolding life seen and lived from your deeper, larger center? Also, as it’s on my mind in this June when my daughter graduates high school, consider where and how you’ve graduated.

We are restless on this earth, restless seekers as graduates of many worlds. We feel the call to move on, free, open, into new places and spaces, willing to risk as we expand, transcending all that we inherited before, somehow using it in a new way.

Blessings and light in the bridge between spring and summer, the full flowering time

Marjorie Baker Price, spring-summer 2001