Centering Tools Products: Hypnosis and Guided Meditation

All mail-order hypnosis CD’s have a default shipping cost of $2.50 US unless instructed by the customer to ship priority mail for $4.05. 

To purchase via US mail, please download the order form and fill-in all necessary information prior to mailing to Centering® PO Box

Just click on the title of the product to see detailed information and/or to purchase the item via PayPal.  All products are also available to download for $8.95 US (plus tax) via Payloadz, a download delivery service that is integrated with our Centering® PayPal.

Centering® Hypnosis Guided Meditation CD’s ($13.95 each + New York State tax/shipping)

  • Accept and Love Yourself
  • Become Your Higher Self
  • Children’s “Wishfull”
  • Clear Blockages
  • Drivetime for Clearing and Centering
  • Energetic Healing
  • Feeling Good About Yourself
  • Finding the Partner of Your Dreams
  • Finding Your Spirit Guide
  • Focus! Overcoming ADHD
  • Forgiveness: Healing the Past
  • Freedom From Drugs and Alcohol
  • Freeing Yourself From An Addictive Relationship
  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Heal and Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Intuition
  • Lose the Weight
  • Loving Your Unborn Child
  • Past Life Regression
  • Peak Performance For Success
  • Recovering Your Inner Child
  • Relax! Freedom From Stress
  • Release Pain!
  • Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment
  • Stop Smoking Forever!
  • Success! Create Your Best Future

Centering ®  Product Sets

  • Break Addictions
  • Self-Healing and Recovery
  • Relax, Recharge, and Balance
  • Centering, Heal, and Empower Yourself
  • Create Success