Life isn’t fair – and what you can do about it

Is it Enough to Do Our Best to Deal with the
'Hand of
Cards' We've Been Dealt?
Who said life was fair?  It isn't, within its
"blow-by-blow" unfolding events
   It doesn't take
a rocket scientist, as the saying goes, to figure out through simply
around and noting accordingly that for many people – maybe for everyone –
isn't fair.
In the movie Lord of the Rings the wizard
Gandalf offers the following advice to the hero Frodo's
comment that strongly implies life isn't fair:  All we
can do is deal the best we can with the hand of cards we've been
  The key question that then comes to my mind is, Is
then, enough?
Let Be and Let Go to Surrender to Your Own
Place of
Greater Becoming
Here is my Centering exercise to be able to
transcend the
understandable despair and hopelessness you feel when life has dealt you
a hard
blow which really isn't fair.  It focuses on being able to get a clear
on the "hand of cards you were dealt" and allow this focus to transcend
empower you from a place of faith in yourself, as the whole person that
Settle back, then, in a comfortable, supported
position where
your spine is aligned, close your eyes, and allow your breath to
Count to yourself ten full, deep easy breaths.  As you inhale, say to
yourself this phrase, I let be.  As you exhale, say to yourself

this phrase,  I let go.

Know the Hand of Cards You've been Dealt to
Then ask yourself in this deeply reflective place
you're found
your way to, this question, What is the hand of cards I've been
in my life?  How does this hand of cards look now? 
Imagine you
can see your own "hand", and focus centrally on each card that you
placing before you.  See it, hear its message, allow it to touch you,
it through all your inner senses.    Then open your eyes and
record your experience.
Finally, settle back once more into this
deeper reflective space of focus, and ask to be be shown all the ways
life isn't fair.  Hold this focus until you have a sense that feels like
sense of completion for now.
Your Gift of Healing and Transcendence
Now ask yourself the following question, How can
I right
now choose to more greatly love?
   LIsten to whatever comes up by
way of inner response and once more, record your
Now consider:  Are you courageous enough to dare to
choose to seize all presenting opportunities to more greatly love?  List

what comes up inside you that you know in your heart of hearts is right,

and dare to  commit to carrying these directives out NOW. 

Your Higher Power Never Requires You "Go It
Love means surrender to a higher power.  Love means
completely honest with yourself and how to rightly communicate with
Love means facing where you are and how you got
Love means "putting your money where your mouth is" and unconditionally
accepting your responsibility to be "response-able", trusting no matter
you will still have the wherewithal to survive and prosper through being
to express yourself as the unique and exquisitely beautiful channel of
individuated divine consciousness.