The Only Way to Erase Fear in Your Life

The Only Thing Within Us That Stops and Threatens Us

Fear is the most basic and challenging reactive emotion we possess.  It centrally stimulates the "flight-fight" response, which throws us into being singularly tied to whatever self-determined threat to our survival we perceive, creating overwhelming stress and "dis-ease" in our lives.
I think fear is the only reason we are stopped from courageous choice-making, creative problem-solving, and being our own best, most free selves.  How can we successfully and reliably overcome it?
Fear Destroys Trust and Self-Respect
The truthful answer is just that – by being completely honest with ourselves, and facing it.  This requires a level of emotional trusting beyond "flight or fight", which is a clear act of faith.
When we feel threatened, we can easily feel hopeless.  When we feel hopeless it is easy to think our only choice is to "settle" for what in our heart of hearts we know is not what we really want, need, or can truly live with ourselves from a place of inner strength and respect.
Emotional Honesty Brings Miracles and Resolution
When we admit to ourselves that we are afraid, and allow ourselves to fully experience, in the depth of our feelings, the center of our fear, that fear is finally allowed to express and release itself.  When that happens something quite miraculous occurs – the door opens to our own innate insight and higher guidance.
We become, in transition, our own spiritual center.  That center then becomes for us in turn a radiating source of higher power and transformation, both within and in unexpected ways, through the circumstances of our life.
Facing Our Fears Heals and Transforms Us
We do, then, "get through it" – typically never as we expect, and with many spiritual and maturational gifts of wisdom, support and development.  Our lives can solidly become better, and we become more than we were before being so challenged.
Fear in all of these ways is a great gift of learning and empowerment, which doesn't change how threatening it is.  How can we then face our fears?
The Best Five-Minute Investment You'll Ever Make for Emotional and Creative Freedom 
I developed a five-minute guided meditation and journaling exercise called Five Steps to Erase Fear as a simple, complete guide to express and allow fear, whenever it occurs, to release itself; even more importantly, to yield to you its critical insights to strengthen and transformationally support you to experience real resolution.  I use it a great deal in my Centering practice and in my life, with consistent and spectacular results.

I believe it is the best five-minute gift you can ever give yourself for self-healing, development, empowerment and happiness in your life.   Here are the five steps, each one minute long:

Minute One – Settle back into a comfortable, relaxed position, close your eyes, and take several deep, cleansing breaths.  Then ask yourself the following question:  In this moment, what am I most afraid of?

Minute Two – Record whatever response comes up, briefly answering these questions:  Who, What, Where, When, Why and How's this fear?

Minute Three -  Once more settle back, close your eyes, and allow your breath to fully deepen.  Imagine you can allow yourself to be drawn deeply within to wherever you sense the fear exists, and truly experience it.

Minute Four – When you feel a sense of completion, ask the fear to completely release itself from you, and then once more record this experience.

Minute Five – Open your eyes and read through everything you've written.  Ask yourself, what is the most honest, highest, clearest choice I can now make to experience real resolution?  Listen to whatever comes up by way of response and record it – trusting this is your real path to erase your fear, best resolve what challenges you, and strengthen, trust and develop yourself for best outcomes.

How to Share These Gifts with Others and the World
May your life journeys become lighter and higher, and may you correspondingly and compassionately "light the way" for everyone you touch to be so helped and inspired.  In these intense and challenging times, I think we are all, especially spiritual seekers, so profoundly and equally intensively affected, and so our fear is "stirred up".
Old and new fears combine to form a suffocating and deadly combination.  We do, though, possess the innate emotional and spiritual will to bring ourselves to, in facing and staying present, become more alive and able to seize our moments, come clear to go where we choose, and share in loving, daring and honest spaces without agenda.


  1. Thank You, this was very inspirational and insightful. Without going into specifics I realized that sometimes there is that fear of the unknown. When you don’t know how it’s going to be then how do you know you’ll be able to handle it. So we think maybe it’s better to play on the safe side. Which is just not as much fun.

  2. Thank you for this food for thought ,and I really believe it’s the magic have been waiting for to erase my fear .

  3. Thank you for your insightful feedback – keep me posted on how this all goes! In light, Marjorie

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