Becoming Light

Being, Owning, Sharing and Generating Light

In this time of major global transformation, as evolving spiritual beings of consciousness, we are meant to “come of age”, and recognize, in order to own, our capacity to be, generate and share light. Perhaps some of the metaphor as meaning and higher direction, with the finally-accepted announcement of global warming, is that we are reminded of our responsibility to recognize our own power to be a source of light. As we experience and know our potential, so does that recognition move us to become beings of consciousness and awareness. One therefore behaves – responds – accordingly.

What Our Very Survival Depends On

Does a being of light violate? Does a being of light ignore and abuse the environment in which they exist? These are the critical questions of our time, and now that we have “progressed” to the point upon which it is as plain as the light of day, at last we see, speaking of light, that our very survival depends on it.

The Law of Attraction

Popular culture has now happily embraced the universal law of attraction with a vengeance. Another universal law states: The universe may not be just, but it is exact. Who we are . . . is what we are . . . is how we are . . . is how we respond. The definition of the word “responsibility” is being able to respond. Do we dare open our inner eyes enough to experience ourselves as light, and being light, to be able to respond as the source of light?

The Great Transformation of Consciousness

We chose, in incarnating, to participate in a great transformation of consciousness as the cutting edge of our development. It seems now in order to save ourselves we must save the world. And so in order to save the world we must save ourselves. Is this not the great spiritual circle of light that Native Americans call the sacred hoop of divine existence?

I call that a great working equation.  There is nothing like a “win-win” to get our creative juices flowing, which are the results that become the points of higher spiritual completion.  These days it is exactly what we dearly need.

The Alchemy of Love

Time, the planet, and our awareness are all simultaneously changing. We are here to honor that – even embrace it – as we are meant to fully, consciously embrace ourselves and each other. Is that not the alchemy of love?

May we complete our own sacred circle and awaken our transforming consciousness enough to know this is who we are, what we are, and what we are becoming.  May we know all others as corresponding equals.  May we choose, relate respond and evolve through these opportunities that seek only to support what we call miracles in all our lives.