The Real Value of Helplessness

Helplessness Doesn’t Care How You Feel or Think

How okay is it for you to admit feeling helpless?  In my practice clients seem to struggle most with that challenge, which “fits” with the epidemic dysfunction of longstanding duration in our culture that deludes us into believing we must run from any hint of experiencing that sensation, or we might not survive.

Helplessness doesn’t care how we feel or think about it.  It surfaces for its own powerful reasons designed to offer us a signal not to be ignored – one that doesn’t ever really go away until we come to terms with it.

Here Are My Key Points of Transformation

Here is what I’ve come to understand are key transformational points to consider to be able to experience the real value of helplessness:

1.  Helplessness that is avoided in any fundamental way sets the stage for addiction of any and all kinds to appear.

2.  Helplessness returns us to our core softness through reminding us of our essential vulnerability, that really is our “opening center” for healing and development.

3.  Helplessness when fully acknowledged and understood brings us to a place of immense compassion and higher awareness.

Try These Journaling Exercises for Self-Healing

Here are some related key journaling exercises to try to further explore each of the above paths for self-healing and transformation:

1.  Consider and write any/all your feelings, thoughts and experiences involving what you may be “hooked on”.  Read through all you’ve written, and ask yourself how helpless you feel.  Record whatever comes up inside you.  Now imagine you can ask your heart what it wants to transform – and record your response.

2.  Imagine in a deeper reflective state you are led to the softest part of your heart, and experience – then record – what happens.  Underneath your writing, write I am vulnerable.  Record whatever then comes up inside you.  Read through it all and ask yourself: what wants to open here as a “door” to key healing and development for you?  Record your impressions.

3.  Envision yourself as an expression of the divine surrounded by many enlightened beings, however you picture and fully feel this now occurs.  Here you are experiencing a full life review for completion and release.  Imagine you are so greatly encouraged by these beings to fully and freely express your sense of helplessness whenever it has been present in your life, from an immensely powerful space of unconditional love and acceptance.  Experience and record whatever now happens for and with you.  When you’ve finished, read and reflect on everything, and ask yourself what you may be more greatly able to observe and understand about yourself and your life.  Record your impressions.

How Do You Feel About Being Helpless?

Everything we feel and think throughout our lives is an expression of flowing balance that seeks its own resolution and greater wholeness.  The paradox with helplessness, then, is that it so fundamentally fuels our becoming so much stronger and better developed – able to function and respond in a greater present from an endless foundation of becoming.

Namaste, Marjorie