What is Centering Tools?

Centering Tools is a unique holistic, integrative counseling and coaching practice based in Rochester, NY.

Since 1987 and based out of Rochester, NY Centering Tools offers both a clinical and holistic set of transformational tools designed to help clients achieve recovery, grow spiritually and professionally, and empower individuals.

Individual and group sessions may involve the following methodologies:

Addiction and codependency recovery

Trauma healing

Cognitive behavioral therapies

Hypnotherapy and meditative practices

Therapeutic journaling

Grief recovery counseling

Energetic healing practices

Reiki and therapeutic touch

About Marjorie

Marjorie Baker Price, RN, Certified Hypnotherapist and Level III Reiki Master, is a psychiatric nurse with over 9 years of experience at the University of Rochester Medical Center Strong Memorial Hospital specializing in behavioral inpatient, community mental health, chronic care and emergency psychiatric care. She has coordinated psychiatric and hospice discharge planning and patient care for rural community health. In addition, she has developed stress management and recovery programs for a new outpatient alcoholism treatment center. She has taught at the State University of New York College at Brockport School of Nursing, Nazareth College Center for Lifelong Learning and St. John Fisher College community education center.

Marjorie Baker Price

Speaker, Author and Holistic Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse Clinician, Reiki Level 3 Master,

She has worked as a geriatric nurse at the Jewish Home and Infirmary in Rochester, NY. Since 1987, she has presented numerous staff development seminars through her current integrated practice of 37 years, Centering Tools™ on relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, therapeutic journaling, and Reiki. She has presented at Planned Parenthood, the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the Brighton Teacher Center, the Jewish Home and Infirmary, the New York State Nurses Association, and the International American Imagery Conference, among others.

She has authored a nationally acclaimed series of audio guided meditation and self-hypnosis recordings as well as several related books and self-study courses. She was a featured columnist with Nature’s Wisdom magazine on counseling and integrated health topics.

Marjorie presents numerous related workshops nationwide on self-healing, wellness, recovery therapies, goal achievement, creative expression and empowerment, as well as counseling and consulting for individuals and small groups. She is a sought after public speaker and frequently makes appearances nationally on radio and television. Marjorie has offered numerous empowerment leadership and holistic practice seminars for nurses statewide.

Connect with me

Email Address: [email protected]
Website: https://centeringtools.com
Phone and/or Text: (585) 210-9827