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Here are some practitioners, peers, and some Rochester, NY local organizations I’ve worked with or have intimate knowledge about the workings and services offered.

Providers and Vendors

Below is a list of helpful resources and/or links to external practices and organizations that are relevant to my holistic counseling practice, Rochester, NY mental and emotional support, and other providers and licensing organizations. Most of these establishments are located in the Rochester, NY area and represent organizations or individuals I personally recommend and/or have worked with before.

Mythic Treasures LLC

“Metaphysical and new age gift shop.” Mythic Treasures has been in business since 1990 and has evolved into a mythical, magickal wonderland! We are a multi-pathed store with a knowledgeable & friendly staff! Let us help you find all the tools you need to create & walk your own path.

I’ve done some event work with them and definitely browse the products and other health and wellness solutions! – Quality of Life Medicine

A functional medicine and anti-aging former family-medicine doctor, practicing in Rochester, NY. Very unique and established practice offering services in metabolic medicine, micronutrition solutions, adrenal and diabetes-related conditions, and much more. Check her out at or you can call her at (585) 773-4777 or on facebook at

Organizations and Industry


A Rochester, NY-based online magazine featuring informational resources on alternative health, spirituality, metaphysical practices and tutorials, and more. The magazine also offers a comprehensive alternative practitioners directory with links to local and online events of interest. Check them out at You may also view the video interview I participated in on YouTube at

IARP Reiki

The International Association of Reiki Practitioners represents the best Reiki practitioners and experts without elevating any single one individual or methodology ‘the best.’ The website offers a lot of helpful guidance on how to grow your Reiki skills as well as how to become accredited. Check out this Reiki institution at

URMC Crisis Counseling and Suicide Intervention

Individuals who are experiencing an acute crisis can contact the 24/7 local crisis suicide intervention hotline. More information can also be found at the Mental Health and Wellness Crisis page at URMC The number is (585) 275-8686 and the national call and text number is 988.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a popular and powerful search engine for finding mental health professionals and wellness practitioners. One of the best features of this indexing and directory service is the trust you can put it in: all practitioners are required to be independently verified with any number of requisite credentials. Of course, I’m listed here and you can see my listing and my whole practice description over at