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You Can Break Stress Patterns and Recharge Yourself at the Core

Personal retreats clear, relax, inspire, transform, uplift, energize and empower. A classic example of a year long personal retreat is Thoreau’s autobiographical On Walden Pond.

I think of my personal retreats as an “unfolding” as well, as if I had secret wings that here can open up, spread, and take me far away to a special, secret, transcendent place of healing, higher power and new creation. It is your unique “breakaway” from which you will return changed – for the better.

The Best Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression

Who Doesn’t Suffer in Some Way These Days? These are epidemic in the world.  Most of the people who seek my services come looking for how they can “feel calmer, better, less stressed, more hopeful”. Depression and anxiety are key words that describe both psychiatric diagnoses and related symptoms.  They are also a core part […]

Thanking is Completion

I have facilitated ongoing women’s self-healing and spirituality groups since I started Centering Tools in 1987… I asked the group to consider, as we move towards…the full holiday season, this deeper meaning of gratitude beyond the increasingly popular practice and belief that “thanking” involves “focusing on the (judged) good”, but to instead meditate on how to thank everything without denying all that occurred as a key aspect of completion for healing and necessary development.

Rochester Reiki Practitioners! On Sept 21 from 9-4 Extend Your Skills at Centering Tools Reiki Intensive for Certification

Jumpstart your Reiki practice and add new certification to your credentials at this daylong intensive workshop on the Fall Equinox in Rochester, NY. I have created, integrated and extended over the 15 years of my Reiki practice and teaching ten key Centering Tools Reiki techniques