Are You Your Own Worst Bully?

Can You Honestly Answer This Question? Bullyingpinterestcampaign

So much is discussed and addressed today around bullying.  It’s high time to address this – but what hasn’t been directly addressed is considering how we can most bully ourselves.

In the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day and the power of transforming and uplifting love, I ask you to consider your sense of whether you honestly feel you bully yourself . . . and if so, to what extent.  I continue to do so much work in my Centering Tools practice with facilitating recovering adult “good little girls and boys” into empowered, unconditionally self-accepting grown-ups; and in that work, greatly uncover the extent of inner abuse through relentless self-bullying.

Five Examples to Change

Here are some frequently-overlooked examples:

1. Perfectionism – an impossible demand that only opens a door for addiction, especially codependency – life isn’t ever perfect, and neither are we.

2.  Ruthlessly ignoring your own core needs and wants to defer to someone else’s demands – this terribly throws off inner balance and feeling centered – and destroys basic esteem and core identity.

3.  Lying to yourself and anyone else about what you really think or feel denies, therefore destroying, self-trust and the wherewithal to be freely, emotionally present.l

4.  Dictating what you “have” to think or do if it shuts down taking care of your own basic needs.

5.  And finally, speaking of the spirit of Valentine’s Day, shoving your own heart’s messages and desires aside for what you feel obligated to do.

Accept This Challenge to Heal And Empower You

Here is my challenge for you to gift yourself as an experiment to self-heal, recover and develop this Valentine’s Day:  for the next 45 days (the time research tells us is needed to break an unwanted habit and substitute how you truly desire to be and function), do the exact opposite of each one of the five descriptions above.  See how far you get in breaking your own inner bullying!

In love and light – Marjorie