New Partnering for Healing, Transcendence, Forgiveness –Inner Child/Spiritual Parent Lily Dale Workshop July 28

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Join me in Lily Dale Retreat Center near Chautauqua, NY where I will be presenting a half day workshop retreat as part of their summer series, “Season of Reflection”:

Date:  July 28, 2015
Time: 9 am-noon
Cost:  $45
Location: Lyceum Building, 2 East St., Lily Dale, NY 14718

Register for Inner Child Healing  -  (last Day for online registration: July 24, 2015)

5 Melrose Park
PO Box 248
Lily Dale, NY 14752
Phone: (716) 595-8721
Fax: (716) 595-2442

You Can Discover Your Inner Spiritual Parent When You Meet Your Inner Child

This dynamic workshop focuses on exploring your inner child as a key recovery and self-healing practice. The child within is the ongoing center of development and empowerment.

When we can safely, gently and imaginatively connect with that center we can profoundly release trauma, and forgive. Forgiveness is a by-product, or serendipitous, response that always occurs when we come to the end stage of grief – acceptance.

The focus of this intensive is twofold:

  • To “rescue” your child within from wherever she or he may be “trapped” in stages of unfinished grief
  • To discover and develop your endlessly and unconditionally loving inner spiritual parent, who can profoundly partner with your recovered and free inner child for completion

Expand Your Authentic Self to Create Your Own Greater Good

These twofold multidimensional processes restore and activate your true and empowered self in all aspects of your life. We will include key concepts and the spiritual self-recovery story of Marjorie’s recently-published and nationally distributed story, “Merinda and the Magic Mirror: A Tiny Tale of Transformation for All Ages”.

Through the nurturing and transformational original guided meditations and journaling exercises in this workshop you will discover and create, on a whole new level, your higher self. You will:

  • Greatly expand your authentic sense of who and what you are and where you truly belong
  • Miraculously create in your life what you truly want – and release what you come to understand no longer serves your greater good – from a whole new place of clarity, trust and presence.

Individual Readings – sign up by sending an email!

I am delighted to be available to do readings the day after, July 29, at the Maplewood Hotel in Lily Dale Assembly from 10 am-5 pm:
Sign up for thirty minute sessions ($50), or one hour sessions ($90) by email to[email protected].  (All bank cards accepted…)