Experience the Power of Energy Healing

Here is a simple exercise I’ve created for you to experience energetic healing, that combines chosen intent with deep relaxation and hands-on healing:

The Core Way to De-Stress and Center

Energy healing is more and more talked about, researched, and sought after as a way to release stress, improve all healing responses, explore alternative consciousness, and experience greater centering.  The National Institute of Health Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is obtaining more and more funding to support these initiatives.

Recent quantum physics research reports that thoughts and feelings transmit energetically, and affect energetic fields.  Energy healing includes thought transmission as well as hands-on healing.

Energy Healing Balances and Integrates You

Within the scope of my Centering Tools practice I offer a number of energy healing modalities including channeling, Reiki, therapeutic touch, hypnotherapy and meditation.  Other examples of energy healing are acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology.

All modalities are integrative and complementary in that they can “mix” well with any other wellness and health care practice.  The understanding is that healing can occur through many dimensions, and involves greater balance, holism and body-mind-spirit alignment.

A Simple Exercise to Experience Energy Healing

Here is a simple exercise I’ve created for you to experience energetic healing, that combines chosen intent with deep relaxation and hands-on healing:

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, aligned position with arms and legs uncrossed, eyes closed.  Imagine your breath quite easily and naturally deepens.

Count to five full, deep breaths to yourself, noticing how regular and full, then how automatic your breath becomes.  For the next several breaths you take, as you inhale say to yourself this phrase, let be; and as you exhale say to yourself this phrase, let go.

Imagine your breath is endless, a sea of infinitely flowing energy; and you float, light as a feather, effortlessly held and supported by these waves.  Consider that your hands can transmit this infinitely flowing energy.

Place one hand over the center of your stomach and the other hand over the center of your chest.  Imagine the infinite, endlessly flowing energy moves through your hands, deep and deeper still, everywhere throughout your stomach, everywhere throughout your chest; and extends in an ellipse between your hands, round and round through your stomach, into your chest and back again in a circle without beginning, without end; that continues to build and build, filling you up, clearing, and more and more greatly nurturing and balancing you.

Allow Yourself to Come to Your Own Completion

Observe your sensations, as you continue to be in this experience, for as long as you wish, until you come to a place that feels like a place of completion for you.  When you’re ready, imagine your endlessly flowing breath so lightly and freely brings you full circle, back and back, until you once more return to full waking consciousness, and open your eyes.

How do you feel?  Take some additional time if you wish and record your experience in energy healing, and Be In Touch . . . Marjorie


  1. I felt the power of this practice at your presentation at Church of the Transfiguration last Saturday. I am familiar with Reiki and have completed master level with Sheila Hand, tho don’t practice. I was reminded to practice myself which I appreciate.

    I am working at adding meditation practices to my daily prayer and this is all complimentary. Thank you so much.


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