Only You Can Become your Own Heroine (Hero!)

Happy, fruitful heroic adventuring!  I  believe our times demand it . . . “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi 

You Can Change Yourself as You Change Your Life Into An Inspiring Myth



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Our lives are best meant to be translated into inspiring myths.  Here are the simple and key techniques I use consistently with clients I have the honor to work with in my Centering Tools practice to translate their lives into living, evolving, self-creating myths that inspire radical, immensely satisfying, "win-win" changes:


Five Core Steps of Transformation for Key Self-Healing, Empowerment and Development

1.  List "off the top of your head" five of your favorite stories.  This can come from movies, novels, fairy tales – or myths.  (Or you can think about who you most admire, either from history or someone you have known, and use that story.)

2. Pick one – or perhaps one will "jump out at you".  Take a few minutes to imagine this particular story playing out inside your head – daydream about it – and then write a synopsis of it in several paragraphs.

3.  Go back to what you've written and substitute your name for whoever the name is in the story.  Then settle back and once more read through this, and afterward, record your feelings and accompanying thoughts – insights.

4.  Consider regarding the unfolding events of your life as this heroic directive that is inviting and challenging you to correspondingly participate, as if your present life was its own inspiring and adventuresome dream in which you are now the heroine/hero.

5.  What new heroic choices are you now seeing yourself making?  List five heroic choices.

Commit to Becoming Your Own Best (True) Self

Of course the application is to commit to carry these choices out as a beautiful synchronicity in this new year, regarding it as a different and expansive relationship of empowerment and creation – and see what happens.  All you really have to lose is your lesser self – and the potential gains are truly infinitely beneficial, not just to you but to whatever greater good you can truly  impact – in ways you couldn't possibly imagine!

Happy, fruitful heroic adventuring!  I  believe our times demand it . . . "Be the change you wish to see in the world" – Gandhi