Ten Key Ways to Resolve Conflict from Within

Conflict Offers Great Opportunities for Central Healing and Growth

Conflict is a fact of life.  Spiritually and therapeutically conflict offers great potential to catalyze equally great healing and growth.

When we are centered, we are balanced, and when we are balanced, we are peaceful.  To that end, conflict doesn’t “set well” with anyone.

Follow Ten Paths to Higher Resolution

Fundamentally all conflict involves struggle between elements that are incomplete and present at a lesser vibrational frequency than wherever the real resolution exists, which is at a higher level not able to be accessed.  A central challenge of conflict, then is a challenge of completion – higher resolution.

Here are ten key ways I’m developed and recommend in my Centering Tools practice to resolve conflict from within:

Run A Growth Experiment that Supports Completion1.  Assume there is something you are meant to let go of. 

2.  List five things involved in the conflict that you could objectively let go of, and why.

3.  Decide to run a complete experiment to let go of one of these things for a set period of time, and see what happens.

4.  Ask yourself what will happen and what you’re most afraid will happen if you don’t resolve the conflict – are both of these the same?

5.  Imagine a truly peaceful resolution to the conflict as completely and fully as possible and record your experience in the present tense.

6.  Complete the following sentence: If I loved myself even more greatly than I do now, I would ____________________________ to strengthen myself through this experience.

7.  Imagine five years has passed, and then you look back at the conflict.  How do you see it and how do you feel about it all?

8.  Draw a picture of all the elements you consider to make up the conflict, and then draw successive pictures, taking one element out at a time until there is nothing left.

9.  Complete the following sentence:  IF a higher power forgave anything at all involving this conflict, the forgiveness would be . . . “

10. Take ten deep, full breaths; and with each inhalation say the phrase, “Let be ____________________ (regarding the conflict)”, and with each exhalation say the phrase, “Let go ___________________  (regarding the conflict) . . .

And then, through completing all ten steps, see what happens!