Can You Give Up Drama for Something Better?

Perpetuating Drama Is The Nature Of Dysfunction And Hopelessness

I hear lots of stories involving big dramas from clients that I see individually, in partnerships, small groups,  and large workshops – within organizations and from halfway around the world.  We can experience a lot of terrible and extended suffering in our lives – a lot of complicated and unresolved pain – a lot of “stuck” experiences that can unfortunately thematically continue for a long, long time.

The format, in theatrical terms, of all of these kinds of stories is what we call drama.  Stuck drama clinically is called dysfunction. 

This Creates Addiction, Which Destroys

In popular cultural terms we call it soap operas – endlessly repeating unsolvable struggling themes, that extensively engage and entangle all the participants in corresponding and repeated crises, with no evolution or resolution.  Without question we are at risk, as this kind of pattern occurs, to get “hooked” on it; and therefore unwittingly become perpetrators of it.

Can we give up drama for something better?  Something without the “rush”, infantile “hook”, and repeated unsatisfactory courses and outcomes?  In addictions recovery and Centering Tools terms the alternative to all this is called sober, functioning, achieving, sustaining, healthy living that allows greater personal freedom, heightens awareness, and results in significant growth and true fulfillment.

Access Your Own Vision to Become As Your Mission for Recovery

Those results are the vision and mission of my Centering Tools practice – the substance of my Centering Tools Home Study Course that I extensively laid out in the journaling workbook and accompanying six guided meditation audios.  What I consistently hear from clients as I propose experimenting with these techniques to be able to successfully shift out of endless drama, and shift into recovering one’s soul and a correspondingly new and better life is, “It’s hard work”.

I always heartily agree with them and share my opinion, which is that the Universe or higher power, or whatever we want to call it, doesn’t especially care about whether a particular life plan or organic set of cohesive choices involves what an individual decides at the time is “hard work”, or not.  The Universe, like our culture, cares about results, and that involves finding and going, with full commitment, in the right direction.

Divine Purpose Always Supports What Is Best For Individuals And The Greater Good

Discovering this – which also is popularly called “purpose”, can be a challenge, because it requires a fundamental and inner-connected integrity without distraction nor ending detours to access and literally become, through experiencing a heroic odyssey, one’s higher purpose.  How can we know what to choose and how to respond, in order to shut down drama and decide to experience something better?

I’ll start with the last two words of the last sentence I wrote, “something better”.  This occurs when we discover and commit no matter what to, with all our hearts, souls and might, choose that which supports what is good for us and the greater good.

Key Feelings Confirm Right Direction

Here’s the truth – there are no “either-or” situations.  It may take awhile for both to reveal themselves fully, but it always happens.

Now I’ll go back to the rest of that paragraph.  We know we’re going in the right direction to shut down drama when, in experiencing our feelings in response to particular choices, we feel any or all of the following sensations:  peaceful, clear, oddly calm, light, more aware; and feel a greater sense of hope and personal power. 

Core Fears Have a Core Purpose

All of that is “something better” than perpetuating endless drama, which is, after all, as an addiction, potentially a terminal disease.  When clients struggle with determining and committing to making and carrying out the right choice – always for most understandable and extensive reasons – I tell them to describe with all the choices they’re considering what they are most afraid of.

Then I advise them to choose what option they’re most afraid to not choose, which is the path to revealing and supporting the right choice.  We are here to fundamentally and more highly transform; and we live in most challenging times that seem at the moment to pretty much insist on that – as always, we end up “riding the waves” that present where we are.