Visionary Ways to Restructure the Past to Reset the Future

It’s interesting to note the number of sci-fi movies that focus on what shaman’s would call shapeshifting ways to alter the past and future.  This has long been a recommended metaphysical technique to energetically change how we view and “code” our experience and responses.

In therapeutic practices the above is a key goal in both behavioral and insight-oriented approaches to fundamentally transform.  Here are some meditative and journaling techniques I’ve greatly expanded in my guide to personal transformation, The Centering Tools Guided Meditation and Journaling Workbook to Heal Yourself and Create the Life You Choose:

Exercise One – Become Your Greater Self

The Meditation:  Settle back in a comfortable, supported, relaxed, open position, eyes closed, and count to yourself twenty full, deep, even breaths.  Begin to imagine yourself enveloped in your infinite breath as if you were held so gracefully and endlessly in a shimmering, radiant cocoon, floating higher and higher.  Begin to sense a much larger, fully compassionate, keenly-knowing, unconditionally loving being drawing you closer and closer until at last you are merging, fully and completely, into this person.  You begin to understand this being is your Becoming Greater Self with a central focus to inspire you to choose beyond fear and conditioning from a higher awareness of evolved and infinitely caring trust, delighting in your evolving free Will, to create for the greater good.  Experience now an unfolding vision of what your heart wants and needs to be set free, and what your mind is endlessly curious about to shape and choose.

When you return to full, waking consciousness, record your entire experience using the present tense.  Then title this How I Become My Greater Self.  

Exercise Two – How to Create Your Present Plan

Part I – Three Recommended References to Draw From

I immediately think of a decades-old and a current movie that offer some interesting dimensions about creating your present and experiencing unfolding processes of transformation – which in this context becomes your evolving plan – as well as a continued foundational how-to metaphysical book to fundamentally transform your life.  So here’s my threesome line-up:

1.  Groundhog’s Day hugely and most entertainingly drives home the point, through Bill Murray’s terrific portrayal of the world’s most narcissistic anchorman, that we exactly become happy and fulfilled through extending ourselves to both create what pleases our own hearts and fundamentally expresses how we evolve to care for and support others.

2.  Limitless tells us that success occurs in amazing and evolving segments when we open ourselves to access the full capacity of our brain, which profoundly builds personal power and capacity to greatly achieve.

3.  The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book, by Jane Roberts most extensively in metaphysical and significantly practical creative terms discusses how, as spiritual beings of multidimensional infinite consciousness, we create and energetically “code” our experience, both individually and through what she calls “mass consciousness” – with a tremendous amount of related “how-to’s” thrown in. 

Part II – Defining and Integrating Three Essential and Universal Elements of Soul Creating

My distilled fundamental elements that are foundations to then envision and, in your day-to-day life, commit to, step by unfolding step, carry out are:

1.  Imagine you and your life are limitless.  In this deep reflective space, ask your heart what it desires to have and how it wants you to be.  Create a specific and detailed list of whatever happens as the response.  Then review your list and, with all specifics, translate each into a core theme (i.e. if you’ve listed having a certain amount of money, the them you would then record as the “translation” could be ongoing abundance to effortlessly meet all your necessary needs and heartfelt desires to be well provided for in your life).

2.  Then reflect on your sense of your soul.  Ask your soul to tell you its sense of what is right regarding human behavior – core choices and responses , and list all those.

3.  Combine steps one and two with these universal truths to create your present plan to become your greater Self and create the life you freely and wholly choose without condition:

*All actions bring consequences

*Adults are never victims – they always have free will and the personal power to choose

*Everyone is completely equal to everyone else – no one has any more power

*No one can “make/fix” anyone else

*Nothing “works” with an attached agenda/expectation

*Results come from all the elements that begin a course of action – and stay unless they are correctly identified and erased

Commit to Carry Out and Complete

Now you have all the “puzzle pieces” to experiment with clearing the past to freely and wholly create the future.  Happy exploring – and may you experience all fruitful and heartfelt-desired results! 

Keep me posted – Namaste, Marjorie