How to Tap Into Your Soul’s Direction for Healing and Success

How Did I Create This Guide for Transformation?

Nearly fourteen years ago I took myself out to lunch at a nearby Applebee’s, where I did some of my best channeling(!) and wrote seventy guided directives that I continue to share in my practice.  I was moved to then divide these into six sections, which in turn I channeled as Loving, Healing, Grounding, Development, Wisdom and Transformation.

I included a “How to Use” Guidebook to be able to learn how to work with the cards to do readings for self and others; and as therapeutic and spiritual journaling focuses for self-healing.  In my ongoing monthly women’s empowerment and development groups I continue to invite everyone to hold an intuitive focus and pull a card, as an opportunity to journey deep within to reveal soul answers to key questions.

We Can Find Deep Within a Clear Channel

I have lived my life increasingly developing how to tap deep within our limitless potential and power to support, sustain, and uplift ourselves through what I then channeled through as the title of these cards: Offerings: Inspirations for (and from!) the Soul.  I feel that when we are able to find within ourselves an authentic space without any agenda, faulty belief system or conditioned response to ask an open-ended and heartfelt question, we open a clear channel to our soul’s guidance.

Each of the seventy Offerings cards offers what I call an “activator one-liner”  to open up your inner observer from your core place of intuitive integrity to greatly speak to you: 

Offerings” Offers:

*You can make higher choices with your soul’s direction.

*You can discover pathways to full life and success.

*You will receive inspiration to begin and continue on a profound journey of transformation for greater self-healing, empowerment and development.

Some of Offerings Original Reviews

“I wrap my ‘Offerings’ in silk and store them in a high place to honor the wisdom they represent.  By accessing innate Spirit, insightful guidance arises, directing one’s path toward wholeness.” – Marilyn Merritt, Nurse Practitioner, Highland Hospital Complementary Medicine, Rochester, NY

“Wonderful ‘Offerings’!  What a joy to use these tools of guided insight into oneself!  These cards are incredibly accurate and fun.”- Laura Chey, acupuncturist and co-owner of Balance Acupuncture, Rochester, NY

“When I have a question to answer or a little inspiration is needed, your ‘Offerings’ often stir up a message for me.”- Ray Justice, owner Buckman’s Carwash, Rochester, NY

My Wish for You

. . . Is always a wish for development to open your own clear channel of inspiration to best live the life you choose.  You so deserve it – and the world needs your gifts! 

Email [email protected] with your questions and thoughts, and always I appreciate your comments below.  To purchase Offerings, click on the link below:


All the best, in love and light, Marjorie