Willing To Be Led Towards Your Heart

This is How and Why I Offer Centering Tools

I have loved and written poetry since I first entered college,  that being the first time I felt free and empowered enough within myself to dare to create!  I feel writing poetry is such a pivotal creative challenge and gift we give ourselves, for it comes from and reflects in so many amazing ways the language of our souls.

In 2007 I put together, with some key and wonderful help, poems I had been writing throughout the previous decade, inspired by all that happened, ongoing, for my own self-healing and development through my Centering Tools practice.  One of my poems, Willing To Be Led Towards Your Heart, I felt strongly was not only meant to be the title of the book of Centering Poems, but really is the title of how and why I offer Centering Tools.

This is How You Can Create Your Own Inspiring Soul Communication for Self-Healing

The book includes a special introductory guided meditation and journaling exercise to inspire readers to create their own “soul language” through writing poetry.  I placed my poems where I intuitively felt they “fit” in each of the following six chapters: 

1. Begin

2. Place

3. Me

4. Family

5. Center

6. Dawning

. . . which I invite you to explore through the focus of the book in a deeper reflective meditative and journaling space to further open your own spiritual healing pathways for empowerment and growth . . .

An Excerpt From Willing To Be Led Towards Your Heart – And Your Key Revolutionary Message

There is this aspect of freedom
I hold it in the pam of my hand
. . .

A tiny spark, after all

Enough to shake the world

To me the key revolutionary message here is, We really are enough!!

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May you continue to, in great and revolutionary ways, support your own heart’s calling for freedom and greater knowing . . . be well  .  .  . Marjorie

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  1. Only recently discovered your blog, really enjoying going through the archives and reading what you’re written. Keep up the good work!

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