The Best Thing You Can Do to Protect Your Health and Happiness

Telling the truth supports wellness

Truth Expresses Feelings That Become Healing

The best thing you can do to protect your health and happiness is to tell the truth.  It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t know “the whole truth” – who does?

It doesn’t matter how or what you feel, and yet how and what you feel helps greatly define what the truth really is.  How or what you feel also blows open the door to greater insight and spiritual connectedness – in other words, it is our direct “ticket” to the divine.

Telling the Truth Supports Wellness

Mind-body healing says when we fully face and truthfully express our feelings, and admit to ourselves and others that what we feel to be true keeps us healthy. This profoundly, centrally links to all corresponding healing.

There are a lot of things truth telling isn’t.  It doesn’t guarantee anything, or what you most want to have happen.

It Keeps You in the Power of What’s Real

It doesn’t make anyone else feel or do better, or solve any problems.  It won’t necessarily produce “happy ever after endings” or any resolution in and of itself.

It does name what’s real, so you stay real – and present –as well as reality-based.  That means you stay connected to your only and real source of power.

Become Your Divine Observer to Tell the Truth

It keeps you in the role of detached observer.  This effectively shuts down “fight or flight”, thereby allowing you to access, within your innate balance and flowing rhythm of multidimensional consciousness, your full creative and divine capacity to come to wherever the real resolution exists.

Telling the truth is a most courageous act, especially considering the at times seemingly impossible and complicated challenges involving dismantling faulty belief systems, cultural conditioning, completing unfinished therapeutic business and its residual core trauma from the past; and plain not knowing what all is going to happen.  It is an act of  spiritual faith that restores heroism as our best and highest way of functioning, which then becomes doing – which then becomes being.

Meditation Reveals What’s True

Completing what I call “observer questions” keenly and profoundly guide us to successfully “make the leap” to tell the truth.  So if you feel stuck, stressed, scared, and scattered, dare to ask yourself who, what, where, when, how and why is this happening?

Better yet, ask after you’ve first settled back in a comfortable, supported space, eyes closed, making sure you’ll not be interrupted.  Take several deep, regular, cleansing breaths; and as you feel yourself quite easily and naturally falling into a deeper meditative state, imagine these questions like gentle rain falling deep and deeper still into the very core of your heart.

These are the Steps to Restore Personal Power and Effect Mind-Body Healing

Listen to whatever comes up by way of answers, and then, continuing to feel very open, very much at ease, record them.  Then ask yourself how you feel, once again listening; and then similarly record whatever happens.

You’ve just taken yourself through the steps involved to fully access and express your inner truth.  You’ve just taken yourself through the steps involved to fully access and express your infinite source of power and healing.


  1. Thank You because this is one of the most empowering lessons I’ve learned. I have so many great stories that came from me telling the truth when it would have seemed like the last thing to do at the time. Just thinking about it now makes me happy.

  2. Great post! I really appreciate your point of view, and look forward to reading more from you.

  3. Thank you so much, Stan – your feedback means a lot to me – and there will be “more to come”! In light, Marjorie

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