The Simplest Way to Clear Ourselves

“If we don’t spend at least an hour a day outdoors we can’t ground ourselves”

How Can We Go From Ungrounded to Grounded?

A fellow holistic practitioner who is Native American told me they say if we don’t spend at least an hour a day outdoors we can’t ground ourselves.  I thought about what “grounding ourselves” means.

I relate most to  a pretty literal interpretation of a flowing current that can be our sustainable “juice” as long as there is an uninterrupted and “closed circuit” connection that “fits” all the way around.  I know what it is to feel grounded and I know what it is to feel ungrounded.

Does Being Clear Reground You?

A client told me recently, “When I’m clear, I’m grounded”.  I wouldn’t have particularly associated being clear with grounding, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me.

I hike just about every day for an hour to an hour and a half in most kinds of weather other than thunder and lightning, and blizzards .  Fortunately I live literally a five minute non-hurried walk from the Erie Canal, so this is a pretty easy and sweet set-up for me.

How Close Are you to Your Own Radiant and Grounding Paradise?

When I have enough time to drive no more than an hour to an hour and a half I have my pick of state parks, with lakes, waterfalls, hills, forests – my own radiant paradises to be completely enveloped in . . . and clear.

I don’t need anything once I’m there than sneakers with some tread, comfortable clothes for the weather and my willingness to surrender to the vast transformational healing power of nature by literally putting one foot in front of the other.  I walk in all kinds of “inner weather” as well – this time with no exception – the worst turmoil, the greatest joy, seemingly endless fatigue, and just being pretty much a “blank slate”.

The Real Definition of Clearing and Grounding

Its amazingly wonderful to disappear here, understanding that disappearing really means merging, belonging, returning to who and what I am both physically and spiritually.  Interestingly enough I gradually become greater and more accepting, understanding my place.

Is that the real definition of clearing and grounding?  That makes nature and our need and calling to move with the earth our greatest centering source.