Centering and Reiki Meditation Exercise

Here is an empowering, centering, healing hands-on and intuitive exercise you can try that integrates Reiki practice.  It is a continuation of the previous blog entry on integrating Centering® and Reiki.  It will lead you to fully access the Reiki wave and receive its powerful energetic transmissions of healing and development.

The Guided Meditation

Settle back comfortably, close your eyes, and place your body in an aligned, open position (for example, if sitting, uncross your arms and legs and, in a relaxed position, straighten your spine).
Focus your attention on your breath and the fact that the Hebrew, Latin and Greek root for the word “breath” means “spirit”. Count five, full, deep breaths to yourself.

Hands-on Energetic Healing

Now place your hands in front of you as if they were holding an invisible accordion, palms facing each other. Begin to slowly, rhythmically move your palms closer together and further apart, imagining that there is energy – radiant universal life force energy – flowing between your hands.

As you continue to imaginatively build and play with this radiant energy, say the word “spirit” to yourself for these next several breaths. Then place one hand over the center of your abdomen and the other hand over the center of your chest, imagining a vertical line flowing between your hands that quickly becomes a large, glowing circle of energy, filling completely all the areas throughout your chest, lungs, heart, and stomach.

The Affirmations

Say the word “Reiki” to yourself as you rest most comfortably, experiencing the light, wonderfully enveloping spiritual force of the Reiki wave. State your intent for all that fills and uplifts you to heal and empower you. Affirm that your most heartfelt desires fully manifest through the Reiki wave.
Know this is the universal law of attraction through healing and development, and that you have just set it in motion to support all choices for healing and development in your life.

Create the Record

Now take a few moments and journal about your experience.  Feel free to draw your visions using whatever colors you wish.  How do you feel?

Guided meditation, hands-on energetic healing, affirmations and journaling are the integrative forces of spiritually-driven practice that extend our sacred circle, our divine self and all harmonious outcomes we experience.

Each and every time you complete these steps of integrating Centering® and Reiki, you accelerate your higher path of creation, love and harmony.  Please continue to let me know your thoughts and experiences. 

I wish you peace and light awareness through all your dimensions of existence. 

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful guide. I am a reiki teacher myself and teaching this wonderful knowledge is a gift of itself. / Elsa

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