Top Ten Ways to Heal Yourself


We are a wonderfully complicated, highly-developed multidimensional organism with great creative capability and adaptability.  We have the power to transcend and cope with the most difficult challenges and not only survive, but prosper.  All of these are qualities that produce self-healing, and also empowerment and personal development.

As we swing into this pivotal, intense, challenging year, here are my top ten ways to heal yourself as well as empower, develop and free your life to better create as you choose:

1.  BREATHE deeply, extensively every day by focusing wholly on counting ten, full, deep easy breaths to yourself five times a day.  When you’ve finished, continue for several additional breaths and say to yourself each and every time you inhale this phrase, “LET BE”; and each and every time you exhale this phrase, “LET GO”.

2.  Spend a half-hour a day doing something that gives you pleasure with no goal or expectation in mind.

3.  Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself squarely in the eye, and say, “I love and accept you just as you are.”

4.  Spend a half-hour to an hour or more five or six times a week moving your body extensively enough that you raise your heart rate and break a sweat.  Options can include walking, taking an aerobic exercise class, dancing, playing sports, swimming, skiing, skating, and many more fun activities, provided you enjoy yourself during and/or feel much better after.  If you’re not sure what you might enjoy or simply be willing to do, think back to how you liked to move your body during childhood or during adolescence, and try those activities again.

5.  Drink a quart of water a day – enhanced or not – your choice.

6.  Eat three or more servings of vegetables and fruit a day; two or more dairy servings, and 8 ounces of protein.  Give up alcohol and sweets entirely or reduce intake to once every week or two.

7.  Go through your bedroom, basement, house and get all the help you can and throw out/donate whatever you don’t use on a regular basis that you know in your heart of hearts you could well live without, and/or has no real meaning to you.

8.  Carry out a new year’s resolution to take a trip to a place you dream about this year.

9.  Spend five or more minutes five or more times a week for the next month recording your feelings without analyzing them, and then assess how your life is going, and how you’re doing as comparison.

10. Decide to forgive yourself for one thing you haven’t forgiven yourself for, as well as forgive someone else.

Today’s hot ten can be tomorrow’s powerful healing and taking definitive steps to being your own best self.  What do you have to lose?  Keep me posted on all your results from your own unique experiment to heal yourself – In light, Marjorie