Ten Key Ways to Write Your Way to a Better Life

Imagine you have the power to release whatever exists inside you, and make a list of everything you choose to release.

You Can Transform Your Life Through Writing

I tell my clients that the single most creative activity we can engage in for transformation is writing.  Journaling as your own own determined way to express yourself has been said, through several decades of research, to be a primary way to heal yourself and develop, as you choose, how to sustain an exquisite plan for self-determined success.

It really doesn’t matter what you write, how long you write, or when you write nearly as much as it matters that you write and continue to write.  Here are the ten of the simplest writing recommendations that I offer my clients:

Ten Simple Writing Exercises to Try for Self-Healing and Empowerment

1.   Carry a little notebook with you and write down for two or more minutes a day whatever you’re moved to write.

2.   Spend a few minutes a day or more writing down how you feel.

3.   Write a “wish list” – and leave it at that.

4.   Spend a few moments imagining you are completely free, and write about your experience, using the phrase, “I will”.

5.   Go somewhere you love in nature and sit for a few minutes, describing everything you see around you.

6.   Write a poem of two lines or more within a few minutes, read through it and write how you feel.

7.   Draw any picture, spend a few moments viewing it and then title it.

8.   Write down any word that is meaningful to you as the title of the following “list”; and then create the list by, for a minute or two writing down whatever words or phrases come to mind, one word or phrase to a line until you’ve run out of ideas – and then take the phrase I am or I have, and put down whatever seems to fit before every item on your list beginning with your “list title” – and last but definitely not least, read it all over and record any insights which occur.

9.   Imagine you have the power to release whatever exists inside you, and make a list of everything you choose to release.

10.  List all that you love and have loved in your life. 

Choose to Create to Unleash Your Divine Power

When we choose, we are challenged to fully and unconditionally commit.  Consider trying all these ten experiments for thirty days, and see how you and your life transform! 

A divinely-lived life emerges from our cherished and chosen creations, which we are then well-moved to explore and share in the world . . . so write away . . . and be well . . . in love and light, Marjorie