Ten Wonderful Ways to Find Yourself When All Seems Lost

Thanksgiving is the Start of This Intense Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is in ten days, with Christmas and New Year’s just behind.  This can be a very charged, intense, challenging, difficult time – and an opportunity to more greatly love – however,  we cannot love who and what we aren’t, really. 

In charged, intense, challenging, and difficult times we can easily feel we have lost ourselves.  It is such a critical thing to have a real sense of ourselves from within when all seems lost, or even when we feel buried with all that is happening in our lives – not to mention just living fully and presently each and every day.

Ten Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Centered

Here are ten simple but powerful transforming ways to regain and keep yourself, as your own best gift to be most thankful for, in this uniquely seasonal time of completion in the midst of peaking major earth shifts all calling to us individually in turn, however we feel impacted:

1.   Get away from “it all” for a whole weekend, whatever “it all” is, by going to a place that to you is beautiful, peaceful, and energetically recharging in nature, ALONE.

2.   Alone in a quiet, uninterrupted space, journal about, on deeper reflection, what you are most afraid of as extensively as possible, and tell yourself that you continue to survive.

3.   Look at a picture of yourself as a small child that you hold dear and record whatever insights occur.

4.   Go to whoever is available who loves you deeply and unconditionally, that you trust will listen to you correspondingly share how you feel; and tell you all the unchangeable reasons they will always love you.

5.   Do something that you realize is very kind for yourself.

6.   Pray with all your heart to your sense of the divine to guide you to wherever the resolution is that supports your greater good.

7.   Create a rhyme that describes your ideal self, write it down, and say it out loud to yourself in front of a mirror ten times.

8.   Write down five people you feel you love most and the reasons why – then write those reasons on a separate sheet of paper and title it I Love Myself Because.

9.   Imagine yourself becoming a greater, larger, more developed, more aware, more powerful, more compassionate person; and listen to whatever that person says to you, responding, I accept.   

10.  Determine that, no matter what happens, you will spend an entire day just being yourself.