Calm Down with Energy Healing

Make Yourself a Priority to Stay Centered This Holiday Season

Compassionate Tough Therapy is the generic name that came to me as I focused on what to title, nearly three years ago, the technique I created as a unique synthesis of hands-on energy healing to offer clients and health care providers during holistic staff development programs.  I was happy to hear earlier this year that it is actually a common name to describe massage therapy businesses and other energy healing practices.

It is my Thanksgiving gift to you as we come once again, this time of year, into the holiday “swing” with its accompanying intense stresses and challenges. To me,  Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to most of all share compassion – and to offer it to yourself as a priority to be able to stay centered.

Compassionate Touch Therapy – The Basic Technique for You to Practice

Here is the basic technique I created to be compassionate to yourself and experience your own center of unconditional peace:

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, aligned position and close your eyes.  Take five full, deep, easy breaths, imagining your breath is a gently flowing river, cleansing, balancing and energizing every part of you.

Balance Yourself at Your Core

For the next several breaths you take, as you inhale, say the word receive to yourself, and as you exhale say the word release to yourself, feeling more and more aware of how you easily and endlessly receive and release as you inhale and exhale.  Then, for the next few breaths following, as you inhale say to yourself this phrase, let  be; and as you exhale say to yourself this phrase, let go, feeling more and more centered – the first step in compassionate touch therapy. 

Now place both your hands in front of you as if they were holding an imaginary accordion  that is wonderfully transmitting endlessly flowing energy, called universal life force energy.  Slowly and rhythmically move your hands back and forth, back and forth, as if you were playing this imaginary accordion, sensing the energy between your hands begin to build more and more.  Building is the second step in compassionate touch therapy.

How to Transmit Universal Healing Life Force Energy

Next focus your attention on your stomach and place both your hands over your abdomen, fingertips lightly touching, imagining the flowing energy moving everywhere throughout your stomach.  You have begun the third step of compassionate touch therapy on yourself, called transmitting.  Observe your sensations as you continue to transmit.

Then move one hand over your heart, leaving the other hand over the center of your stomach, continuing to imagine transmitting the flowing energy between your hands, as well as into your stomach and heart, as if there was a line, or ellipse, flowing between your hands everywhere throughout your stomach and heart.  Continue to observe your sensations as you transmit.  

Fully Receive and Experience Your Own Hands-on Energy Healing

Lastly place both your hands on the top of your head, fingertips barely touching, and imagine the universal life force energy flowing down and down, like a cascading waterfall, everywhere throughout your body, everywhere throughout your mind.  Continue to observe all your sensations as you continue to transmit as long as you wish.

When you feel complete with this hands-on energy healing, place your hands gently and comfortably on your lap, palms open toward the ceiling, and slowly return to full, waking consciousness, opening your eyes.  How do you feel?

May you have a centered, uplifting and relaxed Thanksgiving!  In light, Marjorie