How to Utilize the Power of Prayer as the Soul’s Energetic Transmission for Miracles

Prayer Strengthens and Supports Miraculous Survival

The older I get, the more I believe in it.  To me prayer is a verbal and heartfelt transmission to one’s personal understanding of the divine. 

When I heard about the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan last Friday followed by aftershocks that continue as we speak, I both energetically transmitted and prayed for divine help and miracles to offset however possible the global tragedy and horrific loss of human life, and damage beyond measure – and I prayed and energetically transmitted for my daughter’s best  childhood friend, who has been living just about in the epicenter over there for the last 5 years.

How to Keep Ourselves Afloat and Develop Hope

I felt her strong presence before I heard she was okay.  In these days of massive and surging global disasters, along with such key political challenges, prayer is a most essential connection to not only be our pipeline to our sense of the All That Is, but to grow and nurture our own inner spirits to inspire and strengthen us to respond in the most wise and caring ways. 

We are so challenged in our times to both sustain and support others, and “keep ourselves afloat” from a place of original and developed hope, and greater, higher connection.  There are four types of prayer, referenced on pages 201 and 202 in  a very well-reviewed book by Mark Thurston, PH.D. and Christopher Fazel that I bought when it was first published in 1992, the year my youngest daughter was born, which was (and still is!) a pivotal help to me, The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future:

Experience the Four Types of Prayer for Greater, Higher Connections

“1. Confession: Recognizing and admitting, without guilty feelings, the current state of your life

  2.  Thanksgiving: Expressing appreciation for the blessings of your life

  3.  Petition: Out of the spirit of your highest ideal, asking for what you feel you need

  4.   Praise: Communicating the wonder and awe you feel when you consider the Creator”

Prayer is the Antidote to Worry

It’s interesting that the authors offer any/all of these variations of prayer as an antidote and disciplined, chosen alternative to worry.  That brings me to what I feel is the pivotal gift of prayer as a primary healing transmission.

Prayer heals.  It heals because it energetically uplifts through its transmission the person praying to a higher, lighter vibrational frequency that is of the universe of infinite expression, which accepts the call for healing and correspondingly responds.

Open Your Power for Healing for Yourself and the World

To consider each of the four types of prayer described above as a greater, higher call for personal – even global – healing opens the door to miracle-making.  I invite you to settle back into a deeper, relaxed meditative state, and focus in turn on experimenting with making each of these four types of prayer in the order in which they are listed; taking all the time that you wish to fully experience these inner journeys to greatly connect with your sense of the divine.

When you’re finished, record your experience and any insights which occur.  I recommend trying all four types of prayer every day in a deeply relaxed, focused, uninterrupted and open state for a month – and see what amazing miracles happen in your life!  Then see how these miracles extend to your loved ones and your community to support the transformation the world so desperately needs, for all our greater good.