With God There is Always a Way

We Can Overcome Oppression and Tragedy to Become Our Own Divine Self

These are the words written simply in yellow capital letters on an orange clay placard that were created and given to me by an amazing women who I followed for nursing assessment and mental health counseling, when I worked as as a psychiatric nurse clinician at a community mental health clinic way  back in the eighties.  She lived a tragic and separated life from her family, and is long dead; but also managed to free herself from tremendous oppression and hardship to establish herself as an independent human being who cared for others and lived an empowered and fulfilling life. 

Through these words her courageous life and heroic journey of transcendence continue to inspire and guide me, to this day, to hold fast to my own greater self and higher inner spiritual power through the worst and best of circumstances.  In that spirit of thanksgiving, I offer this article as a guideline and lifeline for you to be better able to come through your own life challenges. 

Three Key Recommendations to Overcome Anything and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Here are the key recommendations I’ve developed to reveal and accept who and what you really are, and be able to muster what it really takes, to, like this person, rise above whatever stops you from living the life you deserve:

1.  Know “GOD” is your higher power, your greater and freer self, and your “still, small voice within” that wants to guide and inspire you to be better than you are and better than you ever thought you would be.

2.  As we understand that the universe is infinite, so are we challenged to accept, as Mr. Spock says, “There are always possibilities”.

3.  The “way that is always there” is the truly higher way that allows us to become clear about where our higher choices really are.  This in turn challenges us to trust our innate sense of our higher self, which then frees us to be willing able to respond and commit to becoming that greater Self in the  world.

A Meditative and Journaling Exercise for Profound Transformation

I invite you to settle back and allow yourself, after taking a few deep, cleansing breaths, to move into a deeper, reflective state.  Take all the time you wish to meditate on each of the three points described above in turn, recording your thoughts. 

With each point, imagine your higher self tells you what your corresponding best responses would be.  Record these.

Accept Responsibility to Become Your Greater Self

Then journal about how you objectively see you or anyone carrying out these higher directives in your daily life, beginning today.  Now consider the following quotation from the great Rabbi Hillel, martyred by the Romans around 500 A.D., as your present call to action:

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  If not now, when?”  Then substitute the word “God” for “myself”, and “me”.  What happens? 

Your Gift to the World

Record  your insights.  In these most challenging times we are moved to accept responsibility and commit to become our higher selves, and behave accordingly. 

It is amazing that “rising to this occasion” actually accelerates personal growth, and extends and creates our own greater and spiritually-directed selves to become more empowered and whole.  Please note the world needs this miraculous transformation as much as we do now.

It requires sacrificing the ego and trusting our own  core honesty from a place of letting go . . . letting be . . . the essence rhythm of our infinite breath.  In the spirit of this fast-approaching holiday season, renew and complete yourself as an expression of the divine to be best able to extend your gifts to others; and see what miracles unfold.