Class on the Transformational Power of Shamanic Journeying (June 27, 1-4pm)

Experience the Transformational Power of Shamanic Journeying

Saturday, June 27 from 1-4pm  

Fee: $30.00 Register online via the Lightways Journeys 2015 event calendar

Lightways Garden Room and Native America Medicine Wheel

Located at 228 Gilmore Road Brockport, NY 14420

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual healing and development practice we know.  Recent decades of archaeological research established shamanism was widely practiced everywhere on earth. ATT00552

The shaman, or healer of the tribe, would embark on an inner sacred journey between and throughout worlds – physical and spiritual – for healing, empowerment and development, accompanied by drumming.  In this dynamic class you will learn the basic principles of shamanism and experience your own transformational journey into the upper and lower spirit worlds to receive answers to key questions, higher guidance; and experience multidimensional development and healing.

You will discover your totem, or power animals; explore soul retrieval; and “shapeshift” through past, present and future dimensions.  Marjorie Baker Price, certified medium, hypnotherapist and founder of Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development, is a shamanic healer who studied with Michael Harner, author of the acclaimed Way of the Shaman; and has been practicing shamanic journeying and healing since early childhood. 

Questions and to register, please call Lightways Journey in Brockport, NY at (585) 484-8738 or Marjorie at (585) 750-1751