The Only Real Solution to Conflict and Crisis 1979475_555082957970082_4135975702423240346_n

The only way we solve problems, regain hope and authentic wellbeing, and better empower ourselves is when we can transcend – “get beyond” to a sense of completion and resolution.  These are transcendent times that call for new insights, admittance, and unconditionally caring, compassionate, inclusive solutions.

The “scripts” of faulty belief systems and preconceived agendas need to be revealed at their core and willingly, fully discarded in order to transcend what seems insolvable and breaking down.  When that happens, we can be thrown into a state of panic because our operative “MO” is gone.

Transcendence Occurs When You  Find Your Empty Sacred Space

We have been taught many things that are falsely limiting, divisive and delusional, one of which is to fear emptiness.  In ancient days emptiness was associated with what was called The Void – the space of no-thing.

That is the space of creation, of endless possibility.  In our intense, accelerated, complicated, screamingly scary world, emptiness can seem nonexistent and unsafe.

When We’re Truly Free, We Function As Spiritually Empowered, Caring Beings…And the World Changes 

Where else is there space to both Be and Become New?  We are so challenged today, I believe, to discover our own unique, authentic, free, operative Self and spirit.

I see that as a miraculous process of discovery – a true rebirth.  Our consciousness awakens, shakes itself loose, and sets itself free.

Write Your Answers to the Following Reflective Questions:

What would that look like to you?  What would you have to give up?

How would things have to be for you on the inside in order to transcend?  What do you feel you would need to get beyond?

A Challenge to Be Responsible, Trusting in Our Power to Awaken

Notice all of the above questions do not involve your environment, your position, or anyone else.  When those things change we don’t, unless we transform at our core.

When we transform at our core all that is around us often, though, changes – and if it doesn’t in objective concrete terms, it rightly settles into peace and wellbeing.  Often we don’t know at the beginning, or even well into it, that we are in a true process of transcendence. 

Here is What I Know Are Key Signals And Stages of Transcendence

1.  “things aren’t working”… even falling apart – and the more attempts that are made to “make it right”, the more it stays the same…and worse.

2. Breakthrough, as I call it, emotions – they run high, and one can often feel on the verge of a breakdown, overwhelmed, hopeless, helpless.

3.  Grassroots initiatives begin to occur – and detachment from revealed dysfunction.

4.  A core sense of fluidity emerges, coupled with a sense of feeling pushed from within as well as without to discover and bring forth real change. 

We All Have the Power to Transcend

Can you list five times you’ve transcended in your life?  Using the four above cornerstones, as I call them, of meaningful change, consider with each of these episodes how transcendence occurred.

What about today?  Great literature, spiritual myths and fairy tales are all stories of transcendence.

A Life of Completion is A Life of Transcendence

We are “hard wired” to seek what truly inspires us to change and “seed” that in the world.  All challenge is about offering a path of transcendence.

I believe our times relentlessly push us to discover and experience our own way to transcend.  We can come to understand, as we accept and uniquely adventure in our lives, how each path produces and solidifies greater good, love and freedom in a hungry, violated, and open world.