The Easiest, Simplest Way to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Do You Know the Real Benefit of Experience?

CIMG1231As our lives go on and on, so do our experiences . . . and so do our interpretation of our experiences, including related judgments/belief systems…that always become significant burdens that can interfere with moving forward.  Ask yourself what the real purpose of experience is – what it can truly offer you . . .is it not that in whatever way possible, it teaches you how to create positive change in your life?
The central goal people have in coming to see me and, in many cases, investing enormous time, courage and significant money in doing transformational inner work, is to be able to create positive change in their lives.  Our critical, unstable, crisis-ridden times desperately call for positive change in the midst of no-win, conflict-ridden, hyped-up rhetoric and fear-mongering – and yet, it seems so clear how much we crave, as we feel so hard pressed to create, these higher, new, expansive changes that unconditionally, wholeheartedly support the greater good in our lives.

Two Simple, Easy Ways to Experience Positive Change

I offer two primary approaches to initiate newly creating the positive – which “negates”, actually, the negative.  The law of quantum physics says that which we focus on grows and spreads – and that which we don’t focus on dies for want of attention:
  1. Do something different that you truly understand is “out of your box”.  It doesn’t have to be a particularly big thing, just do something that you sense will “give you a little lift”. This offers new energy and higher, lighter movement that essentially pleases your authentic self and spirit.  It also powerfully feeds creative motivation at your core, as well as innate willingness that can then more easily override correspondingly ore fears to embrace the new and truly “better”.
  2. Do something (again, it doesn’t have to be what you would judge to be a “big thing”) that you really want to do. if you’re drawing a blank or are unsure, imagine you can go into your heart . . . and ask your heart what it wants to do in this moment.  Make sure you release, to the very best of your ability, and judgment and expectation about it – just do it “cleanly”, and let it go. 
This is a free and self-responsible act of both creating and letting go with no condition.  In and of itself it also expands and uplifts your authentic space of being and choosing into higher thought and greater possibility.

Commit to Yourself this Summer

As your summer gift to yourself, to trying these experiments of what I call the “one-two punch for success”, three times a week (“the charm”, as the saying goes!) They will help break old, conditioned habits that can keep us stuck and in a “dead zone” as far as creating positive change is concerned, as you experiment over this next month, as your start to celebrating Independence Day (yours, I mean, times 31!) 
Watch what happens to create a wonderful revolution in your life!   And keep notes – they cement and further enhance the miracle-making. . .