Ten Tips to Staying Centered Every Day

Self-help tips I either use or recommend a client to use, in no particular order:

Staying Centered, in ten tips
  • Count to 10 while you breathe deeply—each breath counts as 1.
  • Close your eyes and see if you can sense your inner center.
  • Take 5 minutes and complete the following sentence: “Right now I feel…”.
  • Think of the most peaceful place you’ve been, and close your eyes and imagine yourself living there.Buy yourself the teddy bear you feel wonderful cuddling with, and hug it.
  • Think of your favorite color enveloping you.
  • Imagine you become the animal you most admire for a day—what happens?
  • Ask yourself: “What choice do I have?” three times, and write down whatever answers come up.
  • Go to the nearest nature spot that you really like and stay for at least 10 minutes, soaking up all the energy.
  • Gaze at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m here now”.
  • Aim for Work-Life Balance

A dream existence where you work 20 hours per week and have the rest for your leisure and pleasure?

This is how most self-helps gurus try to sell it to you.

But, not me.

I have a very different view on work-life balance — it’s called work-life harmony.

Healthy work-life harmony should start with finding your purpose. And, once you’ve found it, you’ll naturally enjoy the work you do, and it will no longer be a case of dividing your life into:

The bad stuff – work
The good stuff – free time
With a purpose to drive you, you’ll be enthusiastic and passionate about what you do, and you’ll work whatever hours are necessary to reach your goals. And, your enthusiasm for your work will naturally carry over into your free time.

As an example, imagine that you’ve worked for 12 years in the administration department of a local insurance company. You go in every workday to process claim after claim after claim. You find the work soul destroying. But, you keep doing it, as it pays the bills.


Lifehacker has a great article about self-help traps to avoid.