The Centering Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook

This is a how-to book which invites completion of your Self.  It is an offering of personal development which occurs through journeys of inner healing.  The journaling exercises in this book invite you to write your thoughts, draw whatever pictures come up in response to these thoughts, and take yourself on a journey within as a way of achieving desired results.

This workbook coincides nicely with themes and issues addressed elsewhere in the Centering Guided Meditation CD’s; in particular, stress reduction, resolving and releasing past trauma, and goal setting via the elimination of blockages.

"Margie, how can I thank you for the remarkable skill, caring and insight you use with your centering coaching.  I feel like a new person, transformed because of your help.  The insight you brought me in our FIRST session made a significant difference in our business.  I’m more focused, disciplined and able to get things done…"-Linda Keefe, CEO, Shared Results International

This downloadable pdf form of the workbook is just $20.97 USD – paypable via paypal.  If you’d like the original mail-order version, please go here.

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