The Power of Journaling

Get Serious Through Journaling

September is such a significant month.  It is the dividing line between the quarter of Summer and The Rest of the Year.  We "take a fall" into Fall as the weather begins to turn away from the full bloom of summer to Get Serious.

School restarts, and we are moved to initiate, with an eye toward bringing to fruition, our goals.  In centering, self-healing and empowerment terms I can think of no better time to initiate your own journaling practice for maximum benefits.

Journaling Transforms Lives

The ancient art of entering and staying in a reflective creative space for no other reason than to attentively and unconditionally listen to any part of yourself that is moved to speak to you about anything at all has, in the past couple of decades, been indicated more and more through body-mind research to initiate and extend innate healing responses.  Examples have included improved recovery of many chronic and life-threatening diseases, including cancer, heart disease and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In my Centering practice I have seen significant transformation occur in many clients who journal, resulting in experiencing key insights, empowered choice-making and central resolution in their lives.  Here are the guidelines I recommend:

Simple Techniques for Healing and Empowerment

1.  Journal every day.

2.  Keep it – meaning your expectations and your requirements of yourself for journaling – short and simple – write for a minimum of 5 minutes, and include how you feel.

3.  Draw.  I mean it.  Drawing is not just for designated artists, children or architects.  Remember our earliest languages were pictures.  Also remember the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  Draw diagrams, stick figures, or whatever shows beyond your judgment how you feel.

4.  Record any snippets of dreams you remember.

5.  If you want extra guidelines, adopt my "fill in the blank" list, completing any or all of the following sentences:

I need

I wish

I’m scared

If only

In my heart of hearts I think

If I could let go of ____________ I would

How Journaling Profoundly Improves Self-Esteem

Here are the life-transforming messages your subconsious receives from consistent journaling with these essential guidelines:

I’m worth writing about and committing to.

I accept myself unconditionally.

I am completely open and honest with myself.

I listen to myself with respect and attentiveness.

It is not necessary for me to always know what to do – it is enough to simply express myself.

What powerful affirmations we’ve just created!

Of course, for my final, very serious, "welcome to autumn" empowerment recommendations, I can’t help inviting you to read the above five italicized sentences while looking at yourself in a mirror every day.  See what kind of miracles you can create!

Happy landings, and please tell me all about your adventures.  Better yet, tell yourself…every day.