How to Best Call it Quits

Accept the Call to Open Yourself Up to Completion and New Beginnings
All things experienced in life come to an end, whether we are delighted or devastated when that happens.  Life occurs in cycles, and when the cycle has fundamentally come to its natural end, we are best meant, and held fully accountable by the universe, to acknowledge and hopefully honor it by carrying out the call to completion.
It can be challenging, to say the least, to admit and consciously surrender to that.  How else can we open ourselves to experience the new and "next step up" cycle primed to thrust itself upon us?
How to access the Transformational Power of a Life Review
A key requirement in being able to experience progressive self-healing and development is to recognize and accept when our sucessive chapters are finished, and gracefully come to terms with that, primed to move on to the next new beginning.  Too often we fall into denying the reality of completion and excuse ourselves as helpless victims, when instead we could significantly help ourselves to seize the power to take full action through detemining the real opportunity to let what is finished experience its natural death.  That in turn creates a real opening for what wants to manifest to come forth from a new and avaialble space.
I invite you to consider doing a life review, setting aside an uninterrupted period or series of times in order to complete this process without interruption, pressure, or distraction to determine your true cycles of transformation.  To begin, list when major changes occurred in your life.
Do You Know Your Core Patterns of Change?

Do you notice any kind of pattern?  For example, I married at 21 and 41; and changed my entire college curriculum and major at 20; noting that relatedly at 40 I experienced a complete change in my personal and family life.  I understood through these reflections that I came to identify basic cycles in my life, which have significantly helped how I can adjust to current major shifts  in my life.
Now consider where you are in the current "chapter" in your life.  Can you give that "chapter" a title?  Record it, and describe this "chapter" as part of your reflective journaling exercise.
You Can Imagine Real Endings and Beginnings to Best Choose What Serves You Today
Then settle back and allow yourself to be led through your naturally deepening breath into an even deeper meditative state.  As this occurs, consider and acutally imagine that "chapter" coming to an end.
Experience all that unfolds through this vision.  When you come to a sense that feels like a sense of completion for now, easily and fully return to full waking consciousness, and record your meditative inner journey. 
How to End and Begin Your Inner Cycles with Grace, Knowing and Accepting Your Own Personal Power

What now feels like your clearest, highest choices at this present time to best support your ability to finish this "chapter"?  Through this reflection, additionally consider your sense of new beginning after completion and imagine yourself also experiencing that.
Finish with Grace to Begin from a Place of Freedom
Then once more record your impressions.  Afterward, list your sense of what you can do now to best complete your current "chapter", and then carry out an equally powerful new beginning in what truly is a state of personal power and grace.
You have identified your own clear blueprint for success and fundamental patterns of your own unique cycles.  To align with your own innate flow keeps you on a path of continuing to manifest what serves you and others in your world, as well as experience extended self-healing and development for greatest benefit to all.