Keys to Accessing the Transformative and Healing Power in Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

The Real Antidote to Shutdown is to Write from Your Heart

It has been awhile since I’ve written.  I miss getting into my most sacred inner space to blog.  Unfortunately the longer I’m away from writing the more blocks seem to surface and more and more, then, prevent me from expressing and sharing the scope of my work and capacity to offer key guidelines for Centering for Self-Healing and Empowerment

As I label it in my work with clients, so do I now call this shutdown.  The focus of this article involves my antidote to stay inwardly connected to your own infinite sacred inner space.

Dare to Ask Yourself How You Want and Need Your World to Change

These are such tough and fuzzy times we’re living in!  I think it is more and more apparent that major shifts are occurring that could profoundly change the world we live in, even to the extent of  transforming the core economic and political systems that determine so much of our individual and community lives.

How would you like the world you live in to change?  What do you see necessarily happening in order for these changes to take place?

Like It or Not, We’re Always Connected to the World We Live In

Are you equally willing to change yourself, no matter what it requires of you, in these same thematic ways?  This last “get you where you live” – literally – question brings me to wonder not how I can ultimately perceive myself, but how the world actually sees me.

I call that the “other end of the two-way street”, which has nothing whatsoever to do with how core unhealed personal wounded-ness due to past significant multiple experienced traumas can keep us self-fixated and narcissistic in infantile ways.  Instead I’m talking about always acknowledging how we exist in a “two-way street” of ourselves connected, like it or not, to the world we live in. 

How to Reestablish Our Innate Flow in Order to Heal and Develop

This acknowledgment allows us to actually reestablish innate flow and rediscover our innate wherewithal to heighten and raise our inner awareness, heal and evolve correspondingly; and create and experience a better self and world.  As we profoundly change, so do we change our way of doing, being and responding in the world. 

Always, in this organic process of self-transformation, we are differently seen and “noted accordingly” by the world.  I saw a movie not long ago about a parallel Earth with people who were us correspondingly existing on that other parallel world. 

Can We Know How the World Sees Us?

In the end, the heroine met her counterpart face to face.  They each looked at each other intently, magnetically and fully aware and connected.

How would it be if we could know and see ourselves the way the world sees us?  I have a guided meditation exercise for you to try as my Thanksgiving and post-11-11-11 gift to you.

A Guided Meditation to See Yourself Through the Universe’s Infinite Lens

Consider it as a key step for greater self-healing and empowerment towards self-mastery and transformation. This then can easily become your corresponding offering to take back to the world in which you exist to then be able to support its destined evolution, through more greatly expressing the corresponding compassion and truth which emerges.

Settle back into a comfortable and supported position, close your eyes and easily, naturally allow your opening breath to deepen.  Count to yourself ten, full, deep, even breaths.

Reestablish Balance Through Breathing to Receive and Release

Notice what happens inside you through this exercise.  Then, as your breathing becomes more and more automatic, imagine your breath as an endless light wave flowing all around and through you.

With your next several breaths as you inhale, say the word receive to yourself, and as you exhale, in a similar fashion say the word release.

Know Your Free Breath is the Infinite Universe of Transformation

Imagine your ongoing breath is your infinite spirit that envelops, clears and sustains you through higher and higher levels.  Your imagination naturally and easily extends itself to envision your breath as your infinite spirit which becomes, and always is, the universe of your experience.

Now imagine this universe is the an infinitely clear lens through which you can easily see where you will.  Ask it to show you yourself in all the ways it sees you . . . and experience all that then occurs for and with you.

Record Your Experience to Create Compassion and Clarity in Your World

When you come through your unfolding experience to a place that feels like a place of completion for now, knowing these connections stay – and you remember – allow your endlessly flowing breath to so lightly and freely carry you back and back, until once more, then, you reach this room, this place, and open your eyes.  Take a few moments while sitting with your experience to record and/or draw what happened.

Then read through all you have written, allowing it to bring its own powerful impact to you.  Let this become an intuitive direction and guidance from your own illumined spirit that you can now choose to carry out in your life . . . and see what happens to transform and uplift you!

Happy, fulfilling Thanksgiving – and love and light, always, Marjorie