More Rules to Live By – A Guided Meditation and Journaling Empowerment Exercise

Rules from Your Center Guide and Uplift You

Yesterday in my monthly memoir writing group I was moved to offer the following journaling exercise that I wanted to share with you on considering how your unfolding life has gifted you with its own unique "Rules to Live By", and how to expand these rules to further support your ongoing healing,  empowerment and development.  We all have them, and they are intrinsic to who we are and what we are at our essence.  When we believe in our heart of hearts that the rules we live by must occur primarily through a sense of obligation, these are not really spiritual rules – they are fear-based conclusions coming from earlier woundedness and the energetic imprints they leave at our core, as well as faulty conditioning, wherever it comes from.

On that note I invite you to settle back, close your eyes, and take 10 full, deep, regular breaths.  Observe how your sense of inner space opens rhythmically inside you and spreads everywhere throughout your being.  This is your soul’s quiet, clear reflective space rising to speak to you and enfold you.

The Meditation and Its Gifts

Ask your soul to communicate to you its rules to live by, and when you feel complete with this communication, easily and natrually return to full waking consciousness, open your eyes, and record all the rules your soul revealed.  Then record your impressions of all you experienced through this guided meditation.

Now review your list and write the following questions, noting the answers which emerge:

1.  What rule(s) came from innate knowing?

2.  What ruls(s) came through being supremely challenged in your life?

3.  What rule(s) seemed to come as a surprising gift?

Make a Commtiment

Feel free to journal additionally all that comes up inside you in further exploring your thoughts and feelings regarding these questions, and in relationship, to further add to and/or edit your list.  Then consider how your rules inspire and ground you to commit to complete your soul’s choice for healing and development in your lifetime, and extend your journaling to express all that presents as additional insights and spiritual direction.

Which means . . . you do what, going forward?  Write down your plans, keep to your divine experiment, and continue to create light miracles in your multidimensionally cohesive, unfolding life.  Happy travels!