How Free Are You to Pursue Your Dreams?

Align Yourself with Your Higher Power’s Faith and Trust in Your Power to Achieve Your Goals

Your dreams are really communications from your higher self in faith and trust in your power to create a better and more balanced life for yourself.  Although the details of your dreams may change as you grow, the themes don’t.

We dream in common themes that involve wanting love, safety, prosperity, freedom, fulfillment, healing, personal power, harmony and peace. These are inalienable rights – some of them specifically mentioned in The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution – and the central components of health, balance and service.

Not Pursuing Our Dreams Stops Us From Healthfully Living Our Lives

A lot can get in the way of pursuing, yet alone actualizing, our heart’s desires.  Personal, family and cultural conditioning, stress, tragedy, trauma, dis-ease of any sort, lifestyle/work/family requirements can all hugely seem to rob you of your path to pursue your dreams.

We aren’t happy being cut off from this core right and need that we are truly hard-wired to bring forth in our lives.  When we feel we aren’t at liberty to pursue our dreams, we incur a whole other level of stress and dis-ease which profoundly affects and compromises how we can be and create in the world.

Pursuing Our Dreams is a ‘Win-Win” for the World and Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits

When we wholly pursue our dreams we automatically offer desired service in the world.  We feel more correspondingly whole and fulfilled, energized from the true spiritual source of our dreams.

Pursuing our dreams is both a self-healing and empowering inner partnership that sets the stage for miracle-making.  For all these reasons, don’t say no anymore to pursuing your dreams!

Try My Top Ten Requirements to Get Yourself Going to Success!

Here are my top ten requirements that I have developed over all the years I have helped clients bring forth their dreams to pursue your heart’s desires:

1.   Dare to name what you really want in life without stuffing an opinion down your throat, heart and gut about whether some part of you thinks you deserve it, can ever achieve it, or how you think someone else feels or thinks about it.

2.   Notice how you feel when you write down, in the present tense, your dream.

3.   Spend some uninterrupted time reflecting and journaling about how you have throughout your life dealt with your dream.

4.   Now focus on the present and future – daydream about what you would do right now if you felt you were free to pursue your dream, and record your vision.

5.   List whatever you feel at the present, if anything, is getting in the way of you beginning to fully commit to pursue your dream.

6.   Now write every item on that list as its exact opposite; and then settle back in an open, reflective state and read what you’ve written, recording any insights that occur.

7.   Imagine you can most objectively and honestly, without any excuse-making, look into the core of your being and determine if any part of you feels within you are a victim, and journal about that awareness.

8.   Consider adults who delude themselves into calling themselves victims (adults are self-responsible – therefore they are not victims in their lives) cut themselves off from unconditionally and inspirationally pursuing their dreams; so decide how you will categorize yourself going forward in your life.

9.   Imagine, through allowing yourself to be drawn into a deeper meditative state, that you call on your sense of your higher power and spirit, asking your higher power and spirit to speak to you about key steps in successfully pursuing and actualizing your dreams and their support of your vision.

10. Record the above meditative experience, and greatly congratulate yourself on completing all of these steps – you deserve it as well as the manifestation of all your loving spirit’s dreams!

It’s All About Partnering

Now ask your higher power to partner up with you in these moments and intuitively list your next steps – your “business plan” – over the next 12 months to pursue your dreams . . . get going, you’re worth it!

(Note recommended viewing of the wonderful film, The Pursuit of Happy-ness based on the book)

Namaste, Marjorie