How to Release Greater Compassion in Your Life In Order to Be More Greatly, Fully Present

When We Know What Gets in the Way of Being More Compassionate in Our Lives We Open The Door to Healing and Success

In my work lately with clients I have heard more and more, within their key processes of growth, emerging awareness about the transformational power of being more greatly and unconditionally present in their lives, to be able to truly find and respond from their inner sacred center.  As I energetically as well as therapeutically journey with clients on their own amazing journeys of healing and growth, I correspondingly experience my own related insights.

What I have been profoundly struck with through these synchronistic inner journeys, is the sense that, as we can discover whatever has gotten, and continues to get in the way of us being fully compassionate toward ourselves and others, specifically identifies what needs to be faced and expressed in order to heal and develop.  This recovery returns us to accept and own our divine free will, and therefore returns the power to, from our sacred center, evolve, expand and create in what we may sometimes call true purpose.

How to Find Your Own Inner Sacred Center

I invite you to join me in exploring and considering these central questions to see where you “light”, as it all unfolds.  Settle back, then, close your eyes in a comfortable, relaxed, supported position, and take several deep, cleansing breaths.

Imagine you are brought through the endless, even, light flow of your deep breath, very easily and naturally to your own sacred center deep within you.  Then imagine in this place any particular problem is now displayed, like a movie, clearly and completely before you – you simply settle back and observe it “play” itself through.

Let Your Inner Sacred Center Guide You to Your Real Place of Greater Compassion and Recovery

Now ask your sacred inner center to speak and show you, however it will, about whatever is getting in the way of you being more fully compassionate toward yourself and whatever, whoever, is part of this problem.  Simply imagine you settle back even deeper and listen – fully receiving whatever now occurs.

When you feel complete in this experience, thank your sacred center for all it has given and shown you here, knowing these connections stay, and you remember – and then easily and gradually return to full waking consciousness, and open your eyes.  Take a few moments to record your experience.

Now consider what you are moved to do to support yourself and how you are moved to respond as you return to living your life in greater compassion.  Record your reflective and intuitive vision as your current “business plan” to experiment with in the days ahead, with full commitment and openness . . .  and see what happens!