Own and Create Your Future

Are We Afraid of Our Impending Future?

The future remains a mystery to us, and because of that essential fact, we can feel afraid of it.  When we ‘re very stressed we can even perceive the future as a threat to our survival – and yet, we have no real power to stop it.

Can we instead own and create our future?  Can we also learn to healthfully partner up with the world around us in order to best recognize and utilize opportunities to experience happier, more fulfilling lives?

Here Are Some Key Steps to Transform Your Life and Better Create Your Best Future

I have developed these transformational steps in the final chapter of The Centering Tools Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself, Empower Your Life and Create Your Best Future. I want to share the following excerpts from this chapter with you, that have helped thousands of clients I’ve worked with over the years form a “soul plan” of action to profoundly better their lives.

The Excerpt of Explanation for Healing and Empowerment

“In order to paint a picture, one must have a clean, blank canvas, all the paints that one wishes to go into the creation, and a vision about what is to be created.  From there the picture has a life of its own, which seems to guide the artist rather than the reverse.  And so the canvas is filled beautifully, creatively one hopes, and the picture is complete.

This is exactly the way . . .  one creates one’s future . . . the clean blank canvas is created by the five previous steps outlined in their particular order in the other chapters of this book.

The first order of business is to release stress.  The second, at a deeper level, is to release the past.  The third is to connect with your higher self and guides, however your understanding of bringing in larger forces is.  The fourth is clearing blockages.  The fifth is the core connection to creation from which all else follows, loving and accepting yourself . . .

The only things that get in the way of your vision creating itself is fear, lack of faith in the Self, and stress.  Vision, when aligned with the higher self and power, is an unbeatable combination which ensures the success of your dream.  It is true that physical laws must be honored in order for one’s vision to become reality.  In other words, if I am pasty menopause, and I decide that I want to conceive children, this will not be possible for me to do because of the physical restrictions.  There would certainly be many other avenues in the physical world which would lead to my having children, but not this particular one.

Other than that there are no limits to creation.

A Meditative and Journaling Exercise to Identify and Clear Any Blockages

Here is one key writing exercise to further identify and heal blockages to manifesting your vision from this same chapter:

“Exercise IV

Another critical factor is that one must be able and ready to participate and work a vision to have it.  If I desire a new foreign car, and I don’t know how to drive it or take care of it, I must wait and build my abilities.  Then it will become available to me.  So a question to ask yourself as you complete the description of your favorite dream is, “If I was given this, would I take it?”  And to sit with this question a bit.  Notice what comes up in the way of answers without any comment from your conscious mind.  The answers to this question might lead you back to some of the earlier steps in the creative process, for example, releasing the past, clearing blockages, or connecting with your higher self.  Sometimes we grow impatient with waiting for a desire future to occur.  This step might give us an acceptable explanation of the delay, as well as hasten the result we long for.”  

You are Your Own Potentially Best Resource of Creation

Your own best resource to create a better future is to heal, develop and empower your Greater Self.  Trust in your real potential to do this work, and commit to finding your best path to success through how better able you are to be your own best observer and envision and name what you really want.

I look forward to walking with you and support you in this great journey.  Be well . . .