Spring Equinox

Reflections on the Spring Equinox with relation to satisfying goals and motivations.

New Balance

It is a word that, I believe, is still whispered about, much touted in self-help circles, and oh-so-desperately-yearned-for in our strange world – balance. In ancient days, along about March 21, there was a celebration and an honoring of the earth’s time of balance between light and darkness in our neck of the woods. Equinox. Spring Equinox. A time of new beginnings, of light anticipation, of rebirth on the earth plane. New beginnings in balance. What does that mean to us today?

I know what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean another external directive that is a thinly-disguised, or not-so-thinly-disguised, attempt to provide external security. It doesn’t mean more doing, more planning, more having to, or not having to. Balance means taking in and letting go, equally, from an organically-directed, environmentally- supported process.

So what’s the shakedown in your life, in my life, around how this definition can play itself out, at this time of approaching Equinox in our world?

Change vs. Self-Determination

Change is change. It actually always comes from an inherent recognition of the need to restore balance. One change upsets the inherent balance that holds a certain experience in place, which in turn, reflects an underlying belief structure.

It’s one thing to have goals, directions. It’s something else to consider what happens when I determine I will do this, or that, and understand that this choice will produce a need to rebalance the entire structure.

Asking the right sorts of questions leads to heightened awareness

When I ask, what do I want, I must also ask, what happens to everything that will come along with getting it? And then I must ask, what will be let go of in order to create and sustain the balance that this new choice will produce?

This thinking process becomes a multidimensional approach to creating desires, which produces a heightened level of awareness. This requires a deeper consideration of experience, relationships and consequences, which is the basis for personal growth. This natural evolution defines ethics and compassionate choice, which forms a matrix to support love and abundance throughout experience.

There is no judgment here. Just an understanding of how things work, and our place and direction in it. So what do you want? What do you think you need? How do your dreams fit in your experience?

Do you want to choose or to react?

Your experience, your life as it presently exists, exists in its own balance at energetic levels. Otherwise, it could not manifest or continue. As you describe your life as it now is, you have the opportunity to see this balance and consider the forces of light and the forces of darkness that hold it in place.

Light could, for inner awareness purposes, be interpreted as awareness. Dark could be equally interpreted as unawareness. We choose in light. We react in darkness. We also seed in darkness, a womb of possibility where we are cared for by a larger nurturing force.

This time of gestation is essential to allow choices to germinate, take root, and be cared for until they reach a point of completion and capacity to provide their own result. So environment is everything here. Just considering and committing to seed your choices in an environment that can sustain them will allow inherent balance to emerge in your life. Balance of the spirit which invites higher wisdom and love to enter.

In love and light,

Marjorie Baker Price