How to Interpret Your Dreams for Healing and Success

The Three Main Dimensions to Successfully Interpret Your Dreams

I have been fascinated with dreams.  I work a lot in my Centering Tools practice with clients to unlock the power of their dreams for deeper insight, guidance and therapeutic as well as intuitive and creative answers to their key problems.

I typically interpret dreams within three major holistic dimensions: physical, emotional-mental, and intuitive/spiritual.  Dreams offer us messages through their creative metaphors to better make sense out of life challenges, even foretell the future as they have reportedly done in all the great myths and spiritual traditions throughout our history, in all cultures.

Dreams Offer Powerful and Critical Insight for Better Choice-Making

When we are ill or about to become ill we can have disturbing dreams.  When we have buried trauma we can have nightmares.

When we are about to experience a new chapter in our lives our dreams can offer us powerful clues and support critical insights to guide us into better choices.  They can even play out probable outcomes to help us feel more confident in facing the unfamiliar.

Record Your Dreams to Build Recall and Ability to More Greatly Interpret

Dreams transcend the physical laws of time and space.  We determine, from deeper levels of consciousness, what is most important to us, what we link together because of its related meaning, and who and what we care about most.

I always recommend recording whatever you remember about dreams as soon as possible after waking.  Sometimes we think we don’t remember what we dream and then during the day are strangely stimulated to recall at least one portion of a dream.  It is important to note also how we feel throughout a dream and especially when we wake up.

Experience the Power of Lucid Dreaming

It is quite possible to reenter a dream as a meditative exercise and allow it to continue to unfold and deliver its profound messages to you.  This is called lucid dreaming.

We can dream of other lifetimes and of other people in situations we don’t know anything about in places we’ve never been to, especially key world events.  Here are some general metaphorical meanings of key elements in dreams:

Some Key Meanings of Common Elements in Dreams

*Death means transformation, rebirth

*Babies can mean a new chapter in your life or new project

*Dreaming about the home you grew up in reflects the resurgence of a key theme from childhood, perhaps played out again with a present concern

*Cars are metaphors for what, thematically, metaphorically, you “drive” yourself around in presently – also note who is driving

*Going upstairs can reflect moving to a higher state of consciousness – ditto going up in an elevator

*Being chased can be an attempt by your subconscious to bring up unresolved fears to understand and be able to heal and resolve them

We always Express Our Greater Path of Becoming Through Our Dreams

We can also set an intent for our dreams, which is particularly effective when we do so in a meditative, open state.  Dreams reflect at deepest levels our soul’s unconditional caring and support of our becoming, greater selves.

They are our creative and expressive, integrated visions – a beckoning mystery always looking to complete and develop our greater abilities.    

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