Holiday Spirit 2018

Tragedy at the Holidays

Very early this morning 4 years ago my oldest daughter Anna Price died at age 37, leaving her husband and her three children as well as her siblings.

In the face of her death I learned some very difficult lessons … that no one is exempt from unthinkable tragedy … and life goes on no matter what.

I miss her every day – and today it makes sense to me that I woke very early after having a wonderful Christmas with my whole family and her endlessly participating spirit – it was her favorite holiday – feeling both at peace and bereft … and grateful. It is an odd combination.

In the new year I will face hip and shoulder replacement surgery and whatever else life brings. 11 months ago this Sunday my beloved 4th grandchild was born. So sweet, happy – and everything has its challenges.

Everything has its blessings.

In her short blazing life Anna, as so many who knew her say, accomplished more than a lot of us still living.  She so lovingly touched, it seems, nearly every life who experienced her presence with astounding compassion, creativity and joy in the midst of horrific life challenges, peaking with the major complications, significant struggles and undiagnosed coronary artery disease leading to her death.



Her father died of some of the same 25 years before her. In spirit she joins him and my parents, who were second parents to her. My youngest daughter helped me wrap presents 3 days before Christmas, wanting to watch It's a Wonderful Life. It is that message that brings me the most affirmation – that we are all so incredibly significant and here to touch, support and extend all of our greater good – and to experience as much joy as possible, so many beautiful moments.

Those are my primary memories that surround and fill me especially of my beloved daughter, passed today.

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    Thanks for your caring and insightful comment,
    Mike.  When I found my husband of 18 years dead on the couch on May 19,
    1989 from what I later was told was undiagnosed coronary artery disease, from a
    massive heart attack at age 43; in the midst of the shock and horror of it all I
    heard as clearly as anyone speaking, a Voice that said, “There’s only an endless
    e, and that present is filled with love.  Happy new year –


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