7 Short Miraculous Tips to Profoundly Heal Yourself Through Healing Your Broken Relationships

Is It Possible to Heal Broken Relationships?

Who among us has not experienced broken relationships?  How can we heal from what has been broken? 

Here are my top ten tips to allow, create and experience miracles on many surprising levels from broken relationships.  They are designed to be progressive meditative and journaling exercises for multidimensional mental, emotional and spiritual healing:

Experience Seven Miraculous Steps for Divine Resolution

1.  Tell yourself the truth about what is broken in the relationship without blaming yourself or another – instead, describe the story of the relationship by answering “who, what, where, when, who and how”.

2.  See how you can truly know and accept that you and the other person are each sacred manifestations of the divine with equal power.

3.  Go into a deeper meditative space and imagine asking your sense of your higher power what would bring healing for both of you regarding the relationship.

4.  Make a list of what you feel you can’t forgive – then rewrite the list beginning each phrase with the phrase, “I forgive”.

5.  Go back to the list you made in #1 and consider if in any way that reflects what you sense may feel “broken” in how you related to yourself.

6.  Be as in touch as you can with the fact that everybody dies, and we can never know when – then imagine you can ask your heart what it most yearns to both receive and give to experience core resolution in this relationship.

7.  Imagine you can now go into your heart and ask it to show you how you truly love, and what you now need to do to be free to fully love and be loved.

Make Yourself Greater Than What Breaks You

Review your seven steps to great personal development and expanded light awareness.  Consider your real capacity to be the person who carries these directives out.

Experience the miracles and spiritual power that occur for and with you.  Know you are greater than whatever “breaks” you in life; and what appears broken creates space for more enlightenment to envelop, evolve, and extend you.